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The idea of using the power of focusing and concentrating the mind in such a way as to expect a result of physical manifestation of what is desired and imagined requires a sense of timing. In many techniques and methods for conscious spiritual creation of what is desired to be manifest into the physical the person goes into a meditation. Inside the meditation they imagine and desire a reality as if it is presently occurring and when the meditation is over they go back into the reality of their current life. The meditation is actually not in a time, or it is in an alternate time than their local current lifetime present body timing. As that is the nature of dreaming a better life. One wishes to transform over time from where one is currently at in life, to something imagined and desired as better.

So one goes into a meditation where everything imagined has already happened and that meditation is either out of time, or off time in comparison to the meditator as such. Working wisely within and out of time is valuable. Working with solstice and equinox is an excellent way of grounding what is imagined into physical reality as well as has many other benefits.



One method of grand timing among many that I work with is the knowledge and awareness that the solstice and equinox have been celebrated throughout much of human history. Even today corporate financial “quarters” and many holidays seem to correspond closely but not exactly to the timing of more antiquated festivals and celebrations timed with the solstices and equinoxes. I have found in recent years that adapting the practice of making some kind of celebratory notice of the 3 days before, the day of, and the three days after any solstice or equinox is a wonderful way of re-connecting with times gone by, and the ancient traditions.


By doing so I feel more rooted and that a deep power is adding into that which I am visualizing for my life to be. At each solstice or equinox I take the time now to go over what my results have been since the last equinox or solstice. What do I want to continue working towards, and what is complete? What changes do  I want to make in how I am choosing my life to be meditatively and in all ways? The solstices and equinoxes seem to be excellent timing for renewing, ending, re-evaluating, refreshing, reviewing. And celebrating.


Even while being free and able to observe and work with the more modern interpretations of these deeply spiritually ancestral solar timings I find it’s a more solid anchoring to life and living life when I am also in some ways observing the solstice and equinox traditions. And I am excited for the future of my current lifetime when it has been many many years and decades that I have continued to observe and practice the magic of the solstice and equinoxes. Whereas now it is quite new for me, since only about 7 years now.


Please visit my blog post about Time Mastery for more ideas about time excellence and for instructions on how to attain the “Time Master” subliminal audio from our library.

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