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Below are clickable links to some of the products and services I have found in my many years of work in personal development to be the ones I like the best. A lot of them are working with your subconscious mind, and with intentions – which are of the conscious mind. Doing this kind of “inner programming” and “developing rapport with your subconscious mind” and “forming and manifesting conscious intentions” is an artform. For some people, it may be very excellent to consider getting my help putting together the great tools and resources available in the most optimum way for your personal success. In a custom fit manner. This is what my “optional full package” is about. Enjoy these resources, and you are  welcome to contact me. Feel free. Peace.

Personal Consulting with JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn


Personal note regarding my recommendations here:

I started out in personal development in very magical and mystically blessed ways for my own personal development. By the time I even found out about much of the “other stuff” that was out there I had fully developed the first versions of the Elprehzleinn “stuff” for personal development. Then I started to for a time by nature of what I was sharing to be seen as a kind of  “self-help guru” and I got out of that role about 2008. During the years I may have influenced and inspired and directly helped a lot of people in terms of personally and people involved in the personal development industry. One thing I really strongly noticed is that the way that the selling is done for the most part is something I don’t really agree with. So I have always done that part differently. So when you visit most of these recommended sites it’s because I think they have materials that are worth checking out. However I may not agree with how they sell. I am just recommending you look at their offers and enjoy the free stuff and be aware and cautious that in my opinion many of these people use very strong and powerful techniques of persuasion to sell you on their products.

Aum Shreem Kleem Brzee

 Aum Shreem Kleem Brzee

Pure Himalayan Shilajit

Aum Shreem Kleem Brzee

 Aum Shreem Kleem Brzee

eem Kleem Brzee

Attuned Vibrations

This is the site where I got pretty much everything they had to offer and it totally transformed, over the next few years, my entire listening preferences. Was it due to “something” that I was experiencing by valuing the time and quality of the “music” I was listening to? I can’t say for sure. I can just say I don’t listen to anything that isn’t some kind of sounds and music with a healing purpose now. I think that got started with the music at this site.



Eldon Taylor is the man behind InnerTalk which I feel is both an interesting site to study and a location to get fine quality subliminal technology. One thing I like about Eldon Taylor is that his experience with subliminal research is very extensive and he is not one of those people who doubts that subliminals work nor who underestimates the power of the subconscious mind. Therefore I think his products and the information he provides on his site can be a great ally in making your subconscious mind your great ally and friend rather than a strange entity that seems to counter-intend all your

Light Life Tools

Aum Shreem Kleem Brzee

Regenesis Light Sphere

The Regenesis Light Sphere is absolutely awesome. Highly recommend it.


What I like the most about the Real Subliminal website is the custom-made audio I ordered from them. I was able to write my own personalized scripting, and I ordered the additional versions of nature sounds and music. In three days I got it. I really liked listening to it from the beginning. I also listen to their “Deep Calm” title often which is the free title that you get when you sign up at the link I provided here.

Aum Shreem Kleem Brzee


Aum Shreem Kleem Brzee

The Secret of Perfect Living

Aum Shreem Kleem Brzee


Blisscoded Sound


Aum Shreem Kleem Brzee


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Aum Shreem Kleem Brzee

Quantum Jumping

I have often used for myself and recommended to other people the ideas presented by Burt Goldman in his Quantum Jumping program. Every time I get a result or see the people that use it get a result. And the results are often instantaneous meaning as soon as you get back from your meditation to an alternate universe something tangible has already shifted in this universe. That is my experience of it. For example when I got my first iPhone and was taking the subway back home with the phone in my hand. I honestly did not even know how to turn it on. I thought about what I am going to do with this thing? I decided to a Quantum Jump to an Alternate Universe as described in the program. I went to an alternate universe where I was a master of the iPhone. I did this on the subway train so it only took a few minutes. When I came back I realized I could go to the Genius Bar at the Apple Store instead of going straight home. I did that and got a great lesson on using my iPhone. Every since then I feel very confident and happy with using my Apple devices.  At the time I am writing this I have several software programs I am wanting to learn and feeling overwhelmed and that it’s impossible and too difficult to learn them, or it’s going to take forever. So I decided to do a jump into an alternate universe where I am already fully capable of using these software programs. I once did a jump with a woman that was my sexual lover at the time for us to have better sex. We already were but we just thought we would give it a try to jump into an alternate universe where we were having even better sex. On the return the ideas and feelings led to an immediate sense of deeper intimacy and a sense of the direction to take if we really wanted to pursue that more was very clear.

Aum Shreem Kleem Brzee



Due to the internet it is now possible for people to do their own astrology like never before. For people that want my help to learn how to use the internet to gain tremendous knowledge of astrology for yourself and other people please feel free to contact me and let’s make an arrangement to teach you how to do this really well. For people that want to explore on your own without my help, here are some of my favorite sites, apps, and Kindle Books:


Love Cards – Robert Camp

Cards of Your Destiny – Robert Camp

starofthemagi.com – I recommend the Cards of Destiny app

Destiny Witch

Hilarion Astrology Plus  

Madalyn Aslan’s Jupiter Signs

Love and Sex Signs: Venus, Mars and Astrology -Kindle Edition
by Joanne Madeline Moore

Linda Goodman’s Love Signs

Love and Destiny: Discover the Secret Language of Relationships – Kindle Edition
by Sharon Jeffers

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This Elprehzleinn.ca website is designed by JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn using the  DIVI WordPress theme from Elegant Themes.

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