Ultra Money Manifesting program

The link provided takes you to Amazon where you can purchase the Kindle Book which takes you step by step through this amazing process of “Spiritually Generating Real Money.” While there can be no guarantees this will work I personally have observed people attain more money then they ever had in one time before by following the action steps in the book and working with the audio and video materials provided. I have seen people using the process you are taken through in the book increase their sales beyond anything they imagined possible, and numerous other money manifestations. Results that you may or may not achieve will always be unique to you and there is no way that you will get the same results as anybody else. You will get your own results, or you will not get results. I am just saying this process seems to me to be very effective for those I have observed who have used it.  The book takes you through a precise yet mystical process. Enjoy. The process once you get it to work once, can be used over and over again to Spiritually Generate Real Money.

Below this text is an animation I produced of “Maha Meru” which is what the “Sri Yantra” is called when it is 3 dimensionalized. I have a great interest in imagery that when looked upon creates a positive influence for the viewer. The way that people write about the Sri Yantra it seems absolutely supreme in terms of something you can look at to generate prosperity and all kinds of benefits. Which is why  I made this animation. One thing I also do that you can try is I take an image of Shri Yantra (I have made some at high resolution for download CLICK HERE) and I put it as my computer background screen and then play positive custom messages using POWERMIND SUBLIMINAL software which plays them in the center of the screen over the Sri Yantra! That has got to improve the effectiveness and quality of what gets manifested by doing work like that to generate the positive reality. I can help you set things like that up when you take my personal consulting program, however I feel I have just given you the links and ideas you need to put that together for yourself if you wish to try that.

Where To Begin?

While there are a numerous positive affirmation subliminal programs (and in my opinion subliminal programs work very well) this set of scripts was written by me personally. I have only ever written three scripts. These two, and the Empowerment Script. I highly recommend you start with the Empowerment Script which you only need to read once and can GET IT HERE. And then use THE MONEY AND HEALTH subliminal audios repeatedly.

The videos above on this page were designed by JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn to assist people in spiritually manifesting money. The fourth video on the right is Shreem Kleem Brzee mantra with solfeggio frequencies. Following that video is a playlist I put together that further contains videos for financial prosperity that I either made or found on YouTube and feel they are of great value in the manifesting of money by spiritual means. Enjoy. It is my pleasure to provide these for the assistance of all beings that desire financial well-being. With Love Itself. So let it be, with purely benevolent outcomes for all concerned, and so it is. With Peace and Joy and Fun. And so it is.

For All Around Success in Life

“I downloaded your transformation (positive affirmation) audio and I am impressed with the amount of energy that went through my body. I feel relaxed, and whole. Thank you for sharing your work with all of us! ”

“I downloaded and burned a CD of the Life Transformation Audio, which I played last night several times which seemed to already transform my dreams and I actually woke up at 4am feeling some silence, peace and positive thought-energy which is quite antithetical to what I usually experience when I awake at 4am which is usually tremendous fear, loss, confused negative thoughts, anger-frustration,etc. thank you!”

“About the audio….
It is really great. The relaxation surely is physical, but I discovered that it is even more mental. I mean that it took a great deal of aggression out of me. With this new state of mind I have visibly created a more enjoyable atmosphere. And I believe that it’s due to the audio. The part I enjoy the most is the second part “With all my psychic might….”. The background sounds really seem to penetrate your brain. It is tangible. Very powerful! More powerful than all the other sublimal tapes I have ever heard. And I guess that regular exposure will create new neuro-pathways in the brain, making it permanent. Great! I repeat it as often as possible, because I want this to happen. I’m glad to know you. Be Blessed.”

Unlock Your Own Treasure Chest

In 2006 I was able to put together a masterpiece of software for helping people to consciously create their own reality. It went all over the world in it’s original testing and I personally manifested some amazing things exactly as I had written them to be using the software.

In 2010 changes in the internet due to handheld devices becoming more prominent made it so that the software would not work on some devices. So we discontinued selling the software. If you have a Windows PC, use the link provided here and you can download it as it continues to work great on all versions of Windows. Including Windows 10.

Mantra Siddhi and Videos to Help Attain It

Below are several videos that help you attain Mantra Siddhi which is the benefits of repeating the mantra 125,000 times. Each video contains 108 repetitions of the mantra or mantra set in the case of the Supercharged Shreem Kleem Brzee video.  In the bottom right corner of each mantra you can click after you play to go to see the video directly on Youtube. Once there choose SEE MORE below the video for full instructions on each different video and for an explanation of mantra siddhi. The benefits of mantra are also explained more with some links out to excellent materials when you visit and explore the Ultra Money Manifesting program. There is a link for that at the top of this page.

I calculated that you need to watch each of the videos 1157 times to attain the 125,000 repetitions and thereby attain mantra siddhi for that particular mantra or set of mantras. And the benefits of doing so. You could also bookmark this page and visit once a day for 40 days and watch each mantra video or the mantra video of your choice once per day for 40 days. That is not going to get you mantra siddhi but the forty day practice for mantra 108 rounds a day is certainly something that is widely suggested it seems to me. Also you could shorten that depending how many times you watch each video per day. For example you can just hold the mouse over the replay button and as the mantra comes to the end replay and do several times in a row like that per  day. Then it won’t take forty days to complete the forty day practice. I think the best way is to use http://listenonrepeat.com and get in the full 1157 all at once or in sessions and attain mantra siddhi.

Prosperity and Abundance Subliminal Audio

NEW. I have recently tried this audio for myself and I feel that because of the experience of the company that provides it in making subliminal audios that work this is unusually and extraordinarily effective. The affirmations are entirely focused on prosperity and abundance and so if that is something you want more of this is the very best thing I can currently recommend. The only thing that might be even better is if you consider doing this in conjunction with my personal help. As there are a lot of things I know that can enhance and make the most of your experience of using this audio. The idea is that as you go through the 30 days or so of using this program we stay in touch and I support you through the process and the experience of the personal transformation. To discuss doing this with me use the contact form on this website and write to me, or contact me through my social media contacts. Peace and Love. JoreJj –this is an affiliate link and if you purchase the audio I get a commission.

The Invocation of the Archangel Barakiel

This page is NOT an affiliate and I don’t get a commission if you order this audio but I highly recommend the audio anyways.

How To Make A Donation

If you get using this and or any of our other stuff and you like how it is for you, and or you want to support the Elprehzleinn mission financially click here and you can make a contribution through Paypal whether you have a paypal account or not. Thank-you. Peace. Love. Fun. Joy. Happiness. Purely Benevolent Outcomes for All Concerned. There is no obligation to make a financial contribution. Your help in this way is always greatly appreciated. We wouldn’t be here now if not for the generosity and willingness of people that have already supported Elprehzleinn. My gratitude to each and every person who does contribute and who did contribute. And my gratitude to ALL who have visited the Elprehzleinn websites since 1995.

Oh Fortuna, Angel of Supply, balanced by Temperance,
Of all the Divine wealth from realms on high
Release Thy treasures from the Sun
And now bestow on everyone
Whose heart beats one with the Divine’s own Light
The power to draw from heaven’s height

Abundance to expand the plan
Divine Love holds for every being.
Attune our consciousness with Thee
Expand our vision now to see
That opulence is meant for all
Who look to All That Is and make the call

We now demand, we do command
Abundant manna from the Divine hand
That now below as is Above
All humankind shall express Divine Love.

Bona Fortuna hear my verse
Gold and silver fill my purse
By all the powers of the earth and sea
By all the powers of moon and sun
As I will so mote it be, with harm to none

Chant the spell and it is done
Chant the spell and it is done
Chant the spell and it is done


The following is a form of affirmation that is structured in a way that it should already be true for anybody who says it. In this way rather than affirming a wish that has not yet happened, this affirms a prosperity energy that should work like a magnet for more, and very strongly because it is already true in the universe:

“I appreciate that I always have the money to buy whatever I buy, to spend whatever I spend, to pay for whatever I pay for, to save whatever I save,  to invest whatever I invest, to accumulate whatever I accumulate, to give whatever I give, and to do whatever I do with money. In this way I appreciate all the money that has ever flowed to me and through me as love itself supporting me in all these ways.”

fehu wealth

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