Aum Aham Nitaram Jayati Bhahula Nanaka Antah Dhuta Swaha

Aum Aham Nitaram Jayati Bhahula Nanaka Antah Dhuta Swaha

Aum Aham Nitaram Jayati Bhahula Nanaka Antah Dhuta Swaha

Life Transformation System A-Z

The video above on this page is part of a system for helping people to use their magical mind power to attempt to consciously create their own reality. The system is described in the book series, “Life Transformation System A-Z”. How to use this video is also described below on this page.

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The Elprehzleinn System for Using Your Magical Mind Power

arrow Briefly, how you would use this video playlist series is you go to the beginning of the playlist which you can do by clicking the play button on the video above and then the playlist should go automatically. Allow the playlist to play from the beginning and as each “area of life” shows up, IN THE UNIVERSE you mentally think and feel about how that area is for you now in your actual so-called “real life”. You can state a problem, something you are grateful for, it’s up to you. Just be present mentally and emotionally with something in that area.


When the video switches to IN MY OWN UNIVERSE now do your best to mentally and emotionally imagine the reality you desire AS IF YOU ALREADY ARE LIVING IT. You can expect it to show up in your life. That is part of the magic, to expect it to become manifest in the illusion we call real life. Just as you described the illusion you think and feel and have created to be your current life, IN THE UNIVERSE, now in this area named IN MY OWN UNIVERSE in the videos you also describe the illusion you think and feel is your real life, only now it is the one you desire, imagine, and expect. It sounds more complicated than it is when you give it a try:) And it’s very powerful to do this. Read Life Transformation System A-Z  if you would like to know why. Or read the quotes at


After each area completes, before the next area begins, the main Sri Yantra symbol comes up for about 30 seconds. Use this time to rest and relax your mind in preparation to go to the next area. At the end of the 12 areas two short animations of the Sri Yantra will show up. The first is in water, the second in earth. After that comes something extra you can try, but it may be difficult at first. What comes after that is my Chakra Colors video which lasts about 3o seconds per color. What you do is while each color is showing try and imagine, desire, and expect as if you already have it the full compilation of all the 12 areas you just went through.  Try and bring all the areas together in some way, a scene, a feeling, thoughts and ideas. While each color is presented. Knowing that you are bringing it all together and that you are energizing it with the chakra colors.


Performing these mental and emotional gymnastics not only has a multitude of benefits ALSO the way it is set up you are literally doing what needs to be done to “consciously create your own reality” in other words to get in touch with and consciously re-shape your thoughts and feelings, beliefs and attitudes, choices and decisions, about the way your life is now, sculpting them with your imagination, desire, and expectation into what you prefer. Thus changing on the inside, which tends to show up on the outside. This can literally be a process of life transformation. Doing this with the Sri Yantra adds supreme benefits.


That is not a guarantee that this will work, just how you do it.


And you go through all the areas like that, which should take about 18 minutes or so. Do it once, do it once or twice a day. However much you use it, I expect it to work like the magical charm that it is for you. No guarantees that it will.



Some notes:


1. It’s silent so you can play your own music or sounds, or do it silently.


2. The artwork which shows is the  Maha Meru which is the 3 dimensionalized version of Sri Yantra. I designed this to add a magnificently benevolent positive energy for you while you do this, because in looking for extremely positive imagery this was the most excellent I could find.  Even if you just let the playlist play ONLY to watch the Sri Yantra, I think that would have tremendous benefit. As what I have read about Sri Yantra, it’s one of the most supreme symbols to connect with for positive energy and well-being and prosperity of all kinds.


Since Life Transformation System A-Z and our related products and services help you explore innovative ways to tap into  the power of words for programming positive change – I highly recommend reading the section in an article on ending school violence entitled “What’s In A Word”. CLICK HERE to go to the article.


Enjoy. Peace. Love. It was my pleasure to put this all together for people to enjoy and be amazed, and be amazing.


Further Notes:


-Something I add to my personal practice of using this playlist is that I formed my own subliminal scripts of what I am currently imagining, desiring, and expecting in other words what I am creatively visualizing that I want my life to be transformed into.  I took those scripts and hired “Real Subliminals” to create a custom subliminal audio for me. I ordered the extra musical, silent, and nature sounds versions. I play that sometimes while I go through the video playlist presented on this page as a tool for helping  beings consciously create their own reality. CLICK HERE to get to the Real Subliminal sites. This is an affiliate link, so if you click on it and eventually purchase something from them, I will get an affiliate commission. That link takes you to get the free “Deep Calm” audio and then you can search their site for the place to order your custom subliminal audio if that idea  appeals to you. You can use our book, “The Practically Magical Use of Lists” to come up with your own lists or scripts of what you want to transform you life into.


-Sri Yantra means: “Instrument of Creation” or “King of Power Diagrams” according to Amish Shah who offers what I feel is an excellent program for generating wealth and prosperity and well being based on the Sri Yantra. You can get the introduction to his program if you CLICK HERE (this is an affiliate link I get a commission if you eventually purchase from him) and I feel it’s very worthwhile what he offers.


CLICK HERE to see a short video showing the evolution of the artwork used for the Elprehzleinn “Magical Mind Power” system since about year 2000.


-In my Flickr account CLICK HERE there are a number of high resolution versions of the Sri Yantra I have designed. You can use them for making high quality printouts or for downloading to use as background screens. Just having these images around is said to be supremely beneficial in numerous ways.


-SHREEM KLEEM BRZEE is a mantra for manifesting beauty, loving relationships, and money, that is strongly associated with the Sri Yantra. CLICK HERE to see and work with the Shreem Kleem Brzee mantra video I designed so that you can get 1800 repetitions of the mantra accomplished in just 2 minutes. In about 2 hours and 20 minutes you can accomplish “Mantra Siddhi” using the video, which normally might take months using mala beads. CLICK HERE to try it.


-If a person takes up the practice of regularly using this video playlist and the recommended audios I also strongly recommend that you keep a “results journal” and do the “win list” or the “advanced win list” to round out the full practice and enjoy the full benefits much more easily. There is a results journal included in the software provided if you CLICK HERE and go to the section regarding Your Own Treasure Chest. The win list is described in the book, “The Practically Magical Use of Lists” and the “Advanced Win List” is described in the book by the same name. Both are available in our books section.


-Doing this full practice may at first seem like a lot. Once actually doing it the benefits can be extraordinarily fulfilling and rich. It seems highly worthwhile to establish the full practice. Everything you need is provided on this page AND for those who wish there is the program for 2-3 months which is incredible where you work with me personally to get you all set up and doing this, and much more.

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The Magical Star Talisman

There is a page on the Elprehzleinn websites that has what has been called, “The Magical Star Talisman”. On that page is also a teleseminar that I feel very nicely explains how to use this magical mind power method for working through the 12 areas.

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 There is also a software that is a journaling method using the same 12 areas and a version of the Magical Star Talisman. To locate it go lower down on that “Prosperity” page that the link leads to, and find the “Unlock Your Own Treasure Chest” section. I have got huge results using that journal. I hope you do too if you choose to try it or any of the other versions described here for the magical mind power system. I tend to use them all. The journal, the video playlist, the magical star talisman symbol. And in the “Practically Magical Use of Lists” it really breaks it down into a step by step procedure to get the most of this method.

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video, animation, artwork, produced by: JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn 

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