Violet Diamond artwork produced by: JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn

“Violet Diamond” artwork produced by JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn

For a very long time I envisioned that a very important part of my work is something I call “Diamond Touch”. But it took me all that time to really truly understand what that means like I do today. When lovers in love merge their conscious intentions, that is what it means. It’s exquisite. The Elprehzleinn magical mind power system is designed to assist lovers to do that, even though people on their own or in other types of relationship can use the system too.


The only way I can explain why the “Practical Tools for Living From the Heart” – available here on Elprehzleinn – have never been presented in such a way that is focused on lovers or towards lovers is that as the saying goes, in terms of our “Legendary Elprehzleinn Family Story” IT HASN’T BEEN SAFE YET. What that actually means is steeped in esotericism and hopefully does not apply anymore and it is now safe for lovers to use our technologies together. The power of lovers together in my opinion there is no greater power. When applying that power with these tools even such as I have been able to experiment privately with that it confirms the unbelievable magic of lovers to create their life together.  I remain hopeful that I myself will find myself with a female partner who uses these tools together with me and that we together will be able to reconstruct the websites and so on to present and share the way that lovers can consciously create their own reality using the Elprehzleinn tools. In the meantime if anybody reading this page is in a relationship and wants my help knowing how to use these tools for lovers who want to consciously create their life together, just write to me and ask for my help. We can take it from there.

"Absolutely Elprehzleinn" Affirmation for Lovers

This affirmation was created and derived from an earlier version that was given to me personally about 1992. I felt that the version I received was a divine gift and a huge treasure and since that time have not only shared it greatly with many people but also merged into it the things I have come to know and experience at the most intimate and deepest levels about the reality of love in this lifetime and thus I have re-written the affirmation several times over the years accordingly. I call this most recent version of the affirmation, “Absolutely Elprehzleinn” and it is I feel at the core of everything that I have to share and express and be personally attuned with:

“I have a fully realized empowering relationship with the true spiritual being that I am and the all that is and the true spiritual being that is my forever lover in every place and time. From this that I am emanates my great timing, great positioning, great direction, and every expression of my great personal being. I am now interacting favorably and lovingly from my true and ultimate spiritual being in my own universe under the auspices of the all that is and together with my forever lover I am and we are imagining vividly and clearly with high and honest expectations as if already come true that all my imaginations and desires are fulfilled in the material plane most wonderfully and miraculously and it is so.

The masculine and feminine energies within me at all levels are in harmony and balance with each other.

Together with the all powerful and loving intelligence that is and the loving intelligence that my forever lover is we are ultra-functionally harmonized with each other knowing the true nature of all phenomenon and the genuine course of all events. From my core in relationship with all that is and my forever lover I sense and know clearly the levels of truth in all which concerns me. With completely accurate holistic perceptions I sense the whole truth regarding the future development of all situations. The nature of these perceptions is absolutely reliable.

Hence I take the correct action in all circumstances or I refrain from action according to my proven effective intelligence so that always now materialized is all that I desire, imagine, and expect to have and do and be. Absolute knowing is evident in the results that I experience. Absolute attunement to the true being that I am, the true being that is my forever lover and the absolute source of all that is empowers me absolutely.”

JoreJj Chanting 108 Rounds

This is a mantra for success with finances and relationships. Using mantras and this particular mantra is most fully discussed in our “Ultra Money Manifesting program”.

JoreJj On The Radio 2008 Speaking About True Love

JoreJj On The Radio 2013 Speaking About Spiritual Sexuality in Relationships

I feel that my primary and fundamental contribution to the development of Life Transformation System A-Z is my awareness and knowing, my star power as I have liked to call it, my star knowing. That being that it is a method for lovers who are making love sexually to design their life together. That awareness and knowing when and how it awakened in me became the esoteric core that originally inspired me and remains there all along. The idea that when lovers with that magic that they make, also make the magic of focusing and concentrating their minds together…and what can happen when they steadily do that as life purpose together. To me the “Violet Diamond” artwork I produced that is shown above on this page represents the awakened conscious sexual lovers joined together in their intentions. A merging at the third eye into one vision shared together.

Transcript Of a Magazine Article Written about JoreJj in 2008

Re-programming Your Love Life

“Fire and Water” artwork and animation by: JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn
credits: designed and rendered in Carrara 8.5 pro

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Since computers landed on the desktop in the mid-eighties my primary career focus is now and has remained since then as a professional Multimedia Designer and Animation Artist. Since I have also always been interested in healing and was destined to do something about that in terms of electronic art the focus of my work has whenever possible directed towards the intention of creating positive media. The Elprehzleinn websites reflect that. I do love working on other projects and for people that want to look into hiring me let’s talk. Use my contact form. To see a listing and some portfolio items from the many clients and projects I have worked on in addition to the big Elprehzleinn project, visit

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