The Elprehzleinn brand -Interactive Electronic Workbook – download and information about it page. This software featured below on this page and available now for immediate download for Windows users was designed in 2006 and it works beautifully on all versions of Windows, including Windows 10 . It’s best to install it on your desktop rather than in a folder hierarchy. As for it working on Mac, it probably would work on Mac but the problem is to get it “unstuffed” which is now an obsolete “compression package” that the Mac version is in when you download it. As for iOS, we don’t have a version developed for that yet either. Basically, if you have Windows, I highly recommend this software. I am keen to make an updated Mac version, and anybody who wants to make a substantial donation to the cause GREAT!! In the meantime, Windows users please refer to the instructions below and please contact me if you use the software as I can give you a nice consultation letting you know how powerful it truly is and how to use it most fully and easily. Use the contact form to set up a consultation. At this time the software and the consultation can be had without paying up front, however I would appreciate some kind of donation based on your ability to do so. Thank you for using this wonderful software, it’s given me the best results ever and many people have purchased it when we used to sell it, and I have plans to sell it again once I figure out a proper business model and development path to turn this into our premium flagship product. It’s that great, in terms of it’s effectiveness and I want this to become our upfront product that we focus people on when they come to the site. Peace and Love All Ways. @JoreJjZ

The ELPREHZLEINN brand websites are currently running on a Pay by Donation system. Some of the products and services are provided through 3rd party services like Amazon or Bandcamp etc. In those cases it is their payment system that applies. I have been doing this for 22 years and I have experienced a lot of good get done all over the world in peoples’ lives. For guidelines on the value of the products and services and how much to donate click this link to visit the Products and Services page from or from the main menu at the top of each page or simply act now using the Paypal donate button below this note and contribute what you can with an open heart and then proceed to enjoy any and all of our products and services. The reason I do it this way is because I feel that often there are people that need a lot of products and services but there is no way they can afford it. I know when I visit around the web to find personal development things I am interested in there is at times no way I can afford that. Often however people can give something and that should be considered enough. In some cases people give a lot, because they can, and that is much appreciated. In all the years of doing this I do not make a profit from doing it as all the money contributed goes back into the mission. I often have to come up with additional funds in other ways to keep things going. However I feel this is a very important mission to continue and to continue to do it this way with the pay by donation system.
The button above opens a Paypal form which can be used to donate to the Elprehzleinn mission. You can use it even if you don’t have a Paypal account as credit cards are accepted.  This button opens a secure page with a secure payment form. The funds you contribute go into my paypal account and I can use them from there to further support the work of this mission. Thank-you.

The Interactive Electronic Workbook for Windows supports A High Quality Journaling Experience.

Windows Users Can Immediately Download and Begin Using This Amazing Software


The price to download and use this software is $100. Make your donation above before downloading. Please feel free to contact me for help setting up and getting the most out of using this incredible journaling tool. This is currently the featured product for Windows users because of the effectiveness you can achieve when using it. The benefits you can expect from correctly setting up and using this software is not only tremendous help in possibly manifesting your goals and dreams, but also help to track your progress. I have witnessed numerous people successfully materialize what they once only imagined only to fail to realize they achieved it! Sounds incredible but it is due to the time difference from when you first launched an intention to when it comes true, and what you lived between the initial intention and it’s manifestation, if and when and how it comes about.


This is the most focused, precise, and potent tool that is offered by Elprehzleinn, and it works well on it’s own or with the variety of other things we offer. I strongly recommend that if you are going to download this and put it into practice that you first contact me to help you set it up properly and to better understand how the other resources offered on this website can enhance and improve your success with this our beautiful, simple, and yet massively potent, Interactive Electronic Workbook, your life transformation workbook.

Audio Introduction to Use This Workbook

CLICK HERE to download for PC

This software currently only works on devices or computers that have any version of Windows installed. Make sure to install it directly onto your desktop rather than into any folders or locations on your drives. It seems to work best from the desktop.

CLICK HERE to download the instructions in PDF format

Above is a screenshot of  the main screen of the Interactive Electronic Workbook

Above is one of the 14 inner screens of the Interactive Electronic Workbook in which I have added one of my own images. You will customize each of these 14 screens with your own images and the text you create to describe your goals and dreams. You can see the text area is blank and ready for writing in the dreams in this area. You can drag and drop in your own images into the image area, for each area of life. You can write your own text. The “S” like symbol is Sowilo which is the Nordic Rune of the SunRune of guidance, goal setting and success. If you click that in the software it takes you to a results journal page where you can keep track of what manifests for you that you wrote down as dreams in the other journal areas. You click the blue circle with a check mark to save your text. You can download it and the instructions on this page and try it for yourself.

This software is a well organized magical system of personal journaling. Not only does it feature journaling in the traditional sense of writing down your experiences, thoughts, dreams. It is designed to be magically effective for consciously creating reality. For tuning into what you will journal about in the future.

This “Interactive Electronic Workbook” was first released in early 2006 for Mac and PC both. In the days and years before “devices” became more prominent than desktop or laptop computers. In 2010 I got an iPad for my birthday. I was so excited to put this workbook on there as I thought it was just made to be on a device like that. I found out that Apple devices don’t support Flash and this software is designed in Shockwave Flash. I returned my iPad and got to work developing something new that would work on all devices.

The first thing I came out with was a membership blog where people could do their journaling there. Eventually I closed that down. Next I wrote, “How to Play the Mind Game of Your Life and Win” which you can read immediately in our books section on this site. That book describes ideas about using the method on a variety of different softwares and in unique ways depending on the person and what kind of devices or computers they work with. I realized that the method did not have to be contained in one particular software. Rather the idea of it is a kind of software itself that a person can express in many different formats depending on their preference. So I like that book.


Most recently I designed the Elprehzleinn magical mind power video playlist. As excellent and smooth and wonderful and new as that is to work with the method, there is no way to write down with that.


Currently I am re-releasing here on this page the original Interactive Electronic Workbook. It was also known as the Life Transformation Workbook.  It won’t work on Apple devices. It should work on any device that has any version of Windows since 2006. I currently use mine on a PC with Windows 10 and have tried it on most Windows versions since Vista. Here is a Screencast of me starting to set up a “fresh installation” of the workbook. The Screencast probably won’t be available on all devices because I think it is shown using Adobe Flash Player. I hope you can see it.


Personally, I have found the Interactive Electronic Workbook to be the most effective tool for creating ideas of what I want to materialize into my life and then actually being able to note how they did or did not manifest. The workbook has a Results area. I have mine filled with results. Results are things that I once only imagined, desired, and expected “in my own universe” as if they had already happened by writing them down and or depicting them with imagery in my electronic workbook.  Amazing things that I only dreamed of and wrote down in the workbook using the “in the universe / in my own universe” method that subsequently materialized in the physical universe in my life. It seems like a magical book to me.


So there is the experience of the seemingly magical effect of writing down my dreams and goals in the workbook as if they already happened and then later noticing they actually have and writing down what actually happened as a result. And then going back into the dreams section and writing new dreams. Which later produces more results. Like this my results journal is filled with entries since 2006 of real life things I once only dreamed of as if they had already happened, by writing them down in the electronic workbook.

In addition to that magical effect it is also a great workbook for consolidating and creating the thoughts and feelings of what I am dreaming for. Which means I am focusing and concentrating my mind which ancient masters and modern teachers seem to me to agree is “the one success that brings all other success”. Meaning to focus and concentrate the mind. Which also organizes and purifies the feelings uplifting them to higher and higher states of emotion like love and peace and happiness and enthusiasm and optimism. All the benefits of meditation come with using this workbook, it seems to me.

There are a lot of subtle things that make the workbook smooth and elegant as a consciousness assistance tool for helping people to consciously create reality and make better choices about living. The Elprehzleinn method of Life Transformation  is based on first focusing the thoughts and feelings “in the universe” on the life the person is already living. There are so many benefits that come from having that as part of the process. And since all the dreams are “in my own universe” they aren’t in conflict with physical reality in any way like sometimes what is imagined and desired and expected can be. Dreams need to have their own special place that is NOT in the universe and from that special sacred place they DO seem to act on the universe and materialize if those dreams are something the person imagining them really wants them. And in this process one can safely try out dreams and work out dreams to refine and define IF that is what they really want.


There are so many things I like about this workbook. I am happy to be able to re-release it here on the Canadian website.


Currently I am working on learning the Unity 5 game development software and have ideas and already developed models and animations for something involving the Sri Yantra. Perhaps one day a version of this workbook will exist for Apple devices. I know I have seen that in my mind’s eye before there were Apple devices, just like I once envisioned with Robyn when he was alive in his other body and the All That Is that iTunes would exist before it did.


Some Additional Notes for People Who May Download the Software:

When you download on PC it works best if you download it to your desktop rather than putting it into a folder on your hard drive.


On PC it comes in a  ZIP file which I open on my Windows 10 computer by holding down on right click and I see a menu that says “Extract All”.  That creates a folder that has a yellow icon which you click to access the software. There are also two folders one for “images” and one for “texts”. You can add text and images in the software OR by going directly into these folders. New images must be given the exact same file name as the original file for each “area of life” that you are replacing it with.


You can put any size image you want and it shows through the window in the software. You can move it around inside the window. Sometimes you may drag and drop an image into the image window and it seems blank. This is because the image has landed somewhere back there but isn’t showing in the window. The way to correct that is a bit geeky. I am sorry about that. There is a file in the images folder named “Positions”. You can open it with any text editor or usually just by double clicking the text file.  When you open up the “positions” text document you see there a list of the various references to the various image files in the Images folder, with coordinates that tell the software where to position the image. If your image is not showing up, try opening the positions folder and using the coordinates: 24,28 for that image and then save the positions text file. Now it should show up.


One thing I like about how the images can be moved around to different positions is that you can make a collage of images that inspire you for that area of life, and then have various parts of the collage showing through the window at different times to focus on that particular item.


Whenever you make a change to the image or position of the image or to the text in the software itself, make sure and click the arrow in the blue circle to SAVE it.


The text editor is very basic. I know. Remember you can edit the text in the individual text files found in the TEXT folder as well as directly in the software. Sometimes the text file using your own text editor is better.

For me the bottom line regarding this software is that to this day I know of no other way to work with my goals and dreams that is this efficient, even if it isn’t perfect. And since I save the uncompressed version of the folder that contains the text folder, image folder, and the application, I now have a consistent results journal that is built up all the way back to 2006 which is very helpful to be able to go back and see my notes about all the things I achieved and when, using the help of this software. I don’t work in this everyday.  I can even see there is a big gap after I found out that Robyn as I feel it to be re-incarnated as such into Justin Bieber or however that is. That had a big impact on me and it took me several years to adjust to that as much as I have so far. So there is about a two year blank space in my results journal right after I found out about that. Once I get my goals and dreams refined, I just re-visit it from time to time making adjustments or just tuning in to what is written, and use the magical mind power video playlist or the magical star talisman and do my win list and advanced win list on a more or less daily basis. It feels good though to have the written journal and know that my goals and dreams are written down in a place that I can edit and refine as my destiny and my life unfolds.

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