Some Notes and Tips and Links Regarding Ease of Access to the Materials presented on the Elprehzleinn websites.

1. There is a lot on the Elprehzleinn websites that is offered for people to actually make use of. Whereas I have found that many personal development focused sites are based on holding back the information until you pay for it, I have found that I have been intrigued by doing it in other ways and based on different ideas. Here, the information is available without having to sign up because even though a signup popup is presented you can bypass that if you so choose and use the full sites without signing up, and in many instances our premium materials are presented without requiring any payments to access them up front nor any obligations to make payments later due to my unique “pay by donation” system at this time.

2. That being said, it can create difficulty at first if you don’t understand that everything about Elprehzleinn may be slightly different than anywhere else. You may be expecting to have the material presented to you the way it is presented in other places. Which is that on many other sites the presentation is designed to force the person to behave in a certain linear manner leading up to either a sign-up for later conversion to a sale or directly to a sale. Whereas here the material is presented in a manner which unfolds for those who explore. These sites are organized around a central theme of helping spiritual beings who are in bodies in this lifetime to use their powers more effectively to have a better life. That is the essence of the mission here. The mission is not signups, nor sales. Therefore the super- intelligence of the spiritual being of the person is expected to expand and open up in an ever increasing manner the more and more they choose to dig deeper and far and wide into  these site and using these materials and for those who choose to interact with me. So you have a total different thing going on here and a kind of interactivity that is designed to be more like a computer game that requires some skill to play and some interaction to use. And some exploration and discovery.

3. One of the fundamental design concepts I use all the time on our sites is that of hyperlinks. The site is like a labyrinth or maze of links. These are one of the basic building blocks of the internet since it began. So I often invite you to CLICK HERE or present a hyperlink for you to click and explore. This opens up more and more pages because I set the code to open up a new page without closing the one before it so that you can back out of any avenue of hyperlinks you choose to explore and get back to your starting place. In most websites, they are trying to focus your attention and drive your behavior towards a certain action or action series. Whereas on my websites, which extends into my books and social media, everything is considered to be an interconnected body of work that  the more you play with it the more you can get out of it, and that each person will CHOOSE on their own from the many possibilities how to move through and around and into the sites.

4. The focus of my websites has been the same since I first built them in 1995. The focus is to help spiritual beings to use their powers to make their lives in the world better. To this end the primary focus is “Life Transformation System A-Z” and that is something I continually upgrade. The secondary focus is the option to interact with me personally. The third layer of focus is simply to be a place that is enjoyable and helpful to explore.

5. In terms of navigation of the sites, I encourage to realize that no matter how much it seems like a labyrinth with many doorways (hyperlinks) leading seemingly many places it is all designed to revolve around the basic set of materials and for a person to always find their way easily by exploring.

6. The final note I wish to make to help you most enjoy our sites is that I have chosen for the time being to present the books in such a manner as they should be accessible on all devices and computers without you having to get involved with any special readers or software other than your internet browser of choice on whatever device or computer you use. All the books are available in full through the “books” menu link here on so you won’t need to bookmark their location, or buy them. You can just remember our website, or bookmark that, and find the books here each time you wish to read them or refer to them. You are welcome to print them out, and to use the social sharing links to share them, you are not permitted to sell them without gaining written permission from me. And even then,  I may not allow it as I am inclined to make them publicly available as I know the value of those books from the people that have used them is very high, and I think that is value that can do more good in the world in the hands of new and returning readers. Enjoy.

Published by JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn
The Elprehzleinn websites have been online since 1995. The sites were recently moved to Canada in early 2015. Our official address is currently in Ottawa, Canada.

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