Even though I have come to understand the incredible importance of using the chakra colors for a total improvement of life in all areas, even though I have heard of “the rainbow body” and think this must be related to the “divine body” and the wonderful benefits of transforming into that…

…I still have trouble after many years to actually close my eyes and imagine for example that I am in a bubble of violet light. Sometimes I can see the colors.

I know that seeing the colors brightly and clearly and in some ways or other to work with visually my chakra colors is connected to the functioning of my pineal gland and the vast benefits with that.

Yet I often find it not just hard work, but impossible work to see those colors. Sometimes I do, and that encourages me and I keep working at it. So  I designed this chakra color video because it helps me see the colors with my open eyes, and for me that’s a step towards seeing them with my closed eyes.

Also I assume there must be some powerful benefits of having a bath in a certain color, and more so a kind of balancing to see them all presented one after the other. Each color is presented in the magical 33 second time frame which is also supposedly about the amount of time that a person can concentrate intensely.

I have also found that on even a small let alone a large size screen in a dark room, the room becomes full of the specific color. It just has to be beneficial to watch this video I feel. I have also added it to the Magical Mind Power playlist at the end of that list. And wow when I use that as directed after working through the twelve areas of my life in the videos that come first in that playlist the  in the universe and in my own universe videos presented according to the Magical Mind Power formula I then use the colors to spend thirty three seconds on each color imagining my whole vision. So first I watch the playlist and do each area of life separately and then put it all together with each color.

I put together a summary of all the twelve areas I just imagined one by one. As I watch the color. Then when the next color comes, I do the summary again and like that 7 times I repeat the whole vision. So far doing that I get a rush and surge of energy. I know that something is happening when I use the chakra colors video in conjunction with imagining, desiring, and expecting the design and direction of my destiny like that.

Additionally there is technique that you can try with this video. Mentally say the sound of each chakra over and over again while each color plays. Red = Lam, Orange = Vam, Yellow = Ram, Green = Yam, Blue = Ham, Indigo = Aum.

It is my pleasure to share this video in case it may be helpful or inspiring to others.

Chakra Balance

Something I tried recently is from the website you can get to if you click the “ Get The Chakras Subliminals Series” button below. When you get to their site choose the PRODUCTS menu item at the top of their page and locate the chakra series. What I did is I entirely read and studied their perspective on the chakras and I bought and downloaded the entire series. I put that into a playlist and started playing the entire playlist over and over for three weeks. And then more. Of all the methods for gaining balancing and harmony with the chakras this subliminal method and the scripts and intentions that are subliminally programmed seems very effective to me. Maybe because it turns the job of balancing and healing the chakras over to the subconscious mind? I think so. In my experience of using this. This can be an extremely interesting experience. If you want to try it with my support, use the link above (I get an affiliate commission if you buy from them through that link) and then contact me and I would probably be delighted to help you set up a listening program and stick with you through the experience and check in with you at different stages.

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