Million Dollar Mind Power – the 12 Week Teleseminar Series

This is an upgrade module to Life Transformation System A-Z. It’s a 12 week teleseminar series that I offered for $497.00 in the year 2007. Most people paid a special offer rate of $197.00. The title of the teleseminar series is: “Have You Manifested A Million Dollars Yet?” You can now access the full teleseminar series on this page below, for a suggested donation of $65. If you can, I do appreciate that you make a donation. Incredibly wonderful and benevolent things happened for me and people involved with that before, during, and after the teleseminar series which was designed not only for the people who attended but to be used many years later in the future for people that are using the Elprehzleinn brand, Interactive Electronic Workbook, or other forms of our magical mind power system.

Even though you would possibly gain great benefit and enjoyment from listening to the teleseminar series without doing Life Transformation System A-Z it was designed for people that are. So you are welcome to enjoy these audios whether you are using the full system or not. As always, I strongly encourage people that want to use our full system to consult with me personally. Use the contact form on this website to let me know that you want to do that. At the same time, feel welcome to explore and benefit and share and use the materials given on this website, and please give a financial donation to the Elprehzleinn mission when and if and how much you can. Peace. Love. Enjoy. And now here for you is the full “Have You Manifested A Million Dollars Yet?” 12 week teleseminar series which is considered to be an advanced module for people using “Life Transformation System A-Z”. Enjoy.

Note: Since both this teleseminar series and Life Transformation System A-Z used words and word structuring as a main component for building and programming change for the better – I feel it can be helpful to read the section “What’s In a Word” within the article on ending school violence that you get to see when you CLICK HERE.



The ELPREHZLEINN brand websites are currently running on a Pay by Donation system. Some of the products and services are provided through 3rd party services like Amazon or Bandcamp etc. In those cases it is their payment system that applies. I have been doing this for 22 years and I have experienced a lot of good get done all over the world in peoples’ lives. For guidelines on the value of the products and services and how much to donate click this link to visit the Products and Services page from or from the main menu at the top of each page or simply act now using the Paypal donate button below this note and contribute what you can with an open heart and then proceed to enjoy any and all of our products and services. The reason I do it this way is because I feel that often there are people that need a lot of products and services but there is no way they can afford it. I know when I visit around the web to find personal development things I am interested in there is at times no way I can afford that. Often however people can give something and that should be considered enough. In some cases people give a lot, because they can, and that is much appreciated. In all the years of doing this I do not make a profit from doing it as all the money contributed goes back into the mission. I often have to come up with additional funds in other ways to keep things going. However I feel this is a very important mission to continue and to continue to do it this way with the pay by donation system.
The button above opens a Paypal form which can be used to donate to the Elprehzleinn mission. You can use it even if you don’t have a Paypal account as credit cards are accepted.  This button opens a secure page with a secure payment form. The funds you contribute go into my paypal account and I can use them from there to further support the work of this mission. Thank-you.

Pre-Launch Audio 1

Pre-Launch Audio 2


Pre-Launch Audio 3


Teleseminar 1

During the teleseminar there is some discussion about a series of subliminal videos called “Million Dollar Thoughts”, and the “$5000K per day” subliminal video from that same series. Nowadays that publisher offers a monthly subscription which provides access to all of their subliminal video titles, online. Whereas before you had to buy individual sets of the videos for a much higher price, and download them. CLICK HERE to access them.

Teleseminar 2


Teleseminar 3

On this the third session of our teleseminar series my guest is Robert Lee Camp who is the Master of the Order of the Magi on Terra. Refer to the Elprehzleinn brand website: to find out more about the system of using regular playing cards to learn about yourself and what you were born to do and be and how, and to predict your future.

Teleseminar 4


Teleseminar 5


Teleseminar 6

This teleseminar regarding the idea of “manifesting your heart’s desire” features as our special guest the Creator of Soul Medicine “The Heart of Healing” Eric Rolf from

Teleseminar 7


Teleseminar 8


Teleseminar 9

This ninth teleseminar in the series focuses on the topic of ways to handle negative thoughts. The featured guest is my mother, Devika Eifert, a psychologist in Canada.

Teleseminar 10

In this the tenth session of our teleseminar series the special guest is a person I knew around 1995 at the time when I launched the Elprehzleinn websites with Voon Muhn Rahn. The guest and I remember some things about him and the fabulous information he conveyed. There is a reference to “radio show ten” which is from a radio series he made decades ago in California when he was alive in that body then. CLICK HERE to access the page on our websites which is where our sites all began, and to hear his “Radio Show Ten”. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you choose to click to that page to hear his radio show on that page it says “Radio Show 1” click on that. Radio Show 2 is me ten years later on the radio in Montreal, Canada talking for an hour on the topic of “Forever Lovers”.

Teleseminar 11


Teleseminar 12


Examples Of “Collective Thoughts” As Discussed In The Teleseminar

For the purposes of the teleseminar the collective thought forms idea refers to phrases that can be pulled out of the air that we listen to so to speak, and the mental atmosphere around us, and plugged into our personal manifesting scripts with resulting power amplification. Here are examples of both so-called positive and negative collective thought forms that are “floating around in the ethers”. Keeping in mind that one man’s pudding is another man’s poison you may NOT want to use any of these in your own goals and dreams programming. However these are given here to demonstrate what we are talking about in terms of what is a collective thought form for the purposes of what is being given in this teleseminar series. Part of what we are providing is the inspiration to not only be aware of all of these and the effects they may be having on you, but also to learn to locate them yourself and to  turn them into a buffet of creative potency that you can both choose from and protect yourself from, as the case may be. In our subliminal audio library is an audio title 001 that among other things programs your subconscious mind to protect you from unwanted subliminal programming. You can download or listen to that now or any time you like.

Eyes wide open * hitting a home run * my soulmate * getting a good job * making a living * taking care of my family * getting a good education * believe in your dreams * how can I ever trust you again? * you lied to me * I am sorry * a walk in the park * a job well done * no pain no gain * the best ever * I had a really good time * getting out of bed in the morning * time to wake up * I have to go to work now * a million dollars * the end of the line * this is just the beginning * bring back the magic in your relationship * heat things up in the bedroom * a romantic getaway * some quiet time alone * some time off * I need a break * peace of mind * the same old same old * been there, done that * be the best that you can be * going on vacation * the weekend * a day off * working hard * time to relax * sleeping together * first kiss * my own money * getting a good education *


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If you get using this and or any of our other stuff and you like how it is for you, and or you want to support the Elprehzleinn mission financially click here and you can make a contribution through Paypal whether you have a paypal account or not. Thank-you. Peace. Love. Fun. Joy. Happiness. Purely Benevolent Outcomes for All Concerned. There is no obligation to make a financial contribution. Your help in this way is always greatly appreciated. We wouldn’t be here now if not for the generosity and willingness of people that have already supported Elprehzleinn. My gratitude to each and every person who does contribute and who did contribute. And my gratitude to ALL who have visited the Elprehzleinn websites since 1995.

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