The Magical Star Talisman aka The Key is one of the core tools of what is offered under the Elprehzleinn name. It has evolved from the way I originally designed it around the year 2000-2002 through a number of various iterations. Since it is a working tool, and since each design has special features and functions for the person using it, I have made a collection of the various links to some of the various versions of this  functional artwork. There is also a version of the Magical Star Talisman in my Art Store the link is in the top of every page. It is my pleasure to provide this to assist spiritual beings in their bodies in this lifetime to help them have a better life. Feel free to download, print, and share these image of the talisman as long as you do so either for personal use or with a proper credit and link back to

The suggested donation for any use of any of the talismans is $90.

This particular version has across the top a set of planetary magic glyphs for the days of the week starting on the left side with The Sun. The idea of these is that for a person using this  talisman on a daily basis they would also add the practice of doing a planetary mantra each day. Clicking the respective glyphs should lead to YouTube videos for possible mantras for that day.

The main talisman is made up of both the Shekinah component which is representing a feminine energy embracing and empowering the masculine Metatron component. This talisman has on the page below it a link to a powerful protective mantra and also there are instructions on how to use any of the ClearTalk talismans. The instructions are from an online seminar that I gave that leads a person through the use of the talisman by an actual example. So it is very fast and easy way to learn it.


The Shekinah Metatron Version with Crystals and Unicorns and Planetary Magic

This is a version of the talisman that was inspired by the idea that Amethyst and it’s coloring are powerful for meditation. Since focusing and working with the ClearTalk Magical Star Talisman is a meditative practice it seemed to me that it might probably be beneficial to add some real Amethyst.

The Amethyst ClearTalk Talisman

This link leads to the first page of the 9 week mastery of mind program and on that page is a beautiful version of the talisman. However below the talisman a little bit is a prominent text link that says “CLICK HERE If You want to DOWNLOAD THE MAGICAL TALISMAN LARGE SIZE ” . Either click that text now from here, or go visit that page and see what else is there and also there you can get this version of the talisman.

The White Version of the ClearTalk Magical Star Talisman

The version of the ClearTalk Magical Star Talisman that is used in the Interactive Electronic Workbook software as the first screen that you interact with there is above. Follow the link to get the Interactive Electronic Workbook software or to see more about it.

Visit the page about The Interactive Electronic Workbook

Above is the original template that I designed when I first finished developing ClearTalk around the year 2002. As you can see on this page and the links that lead to the various versions of the talisman it has evolved into various forms since this beginning. Which one is best to use? They are all effective and each one has different features.

There is a new version of the ClearTalk talisman that is seen in a YouTube video playlist method of doing ClearTalk. It is the talisman that appears at the beginning of and in between the videos that cover the various individual areas of life.

The New Sri Yantra Based Version of the Talisman

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