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Living Pictures is an expression of my desire to provide an alternative to what you might normally see on your computer screen. The idea behind living pictures is to be like a painting that moves. When observing nature it always seems to have some motion. I felt that adding a touch of motion to the image makes it more natural. I hope that the added effect of motion will increase the positive benefits we normally get when looking at a beautiful picture of nature.




The intention for Living Pictures is that the video is to be played on loop, in high resolution, on a high resolution screen of any size that the viewer prefers. It is a kind of art that is meant to be left on, like a painting on the wall, or a framed picture on a desk. Or anywhere a picture would go in your home or office. Certainly these images are an alternative to a blank screen.


While you can enjoy the sample version of the videos shown below right now, there is a download link to a slightly better quality version that does not have the Elprehzleinn website brand at the finish. The idea is that you download the video to your computer or device and then play it on full screen with the “loop” feature enabled. Even when viewing the videos in YouTube versions below on this page it is recommended to choose 720p HD quality using the small settings gear in the lower right of the youtube video window. Also in the lower right of the video window is the “full screen” icon which if you right click it will offer the option to loop! These videos are designed to be enjoyed on loop. To access these video menu items you must click play first before they appear.


I have already produced even higher resolution versions of these same Living Pictures but in order to offer them here for download I have to pay for a membership to Dropbox and pay for some other things that are necessary to provide the highest quality versions for download, and to do that for the new Living Pictures I produce. If any body feels inspired to Pay By Donation to support the development and publishing of the highest quality of these Living Pictures here on this site please CLICK HERE to do so. Enjoy.


In the audio above on this page I describe somewhat the history of this project which for me goes back to 1989. In 2011 from what I understand doing a bit of research online a couple of fellows came up with the term “cinemagraph” and you can find some really interesting images that further define this I think relatively rare and possible emerging genre of art by searching the internet for that term. Animated gifs and screen savers may also at times be similar to this genre of art. There is even an app now for making your own “cinemagraphs” from your video clips! The first true Living Pictures that I produced and sold came out on the Elprehzleinn websites I think around 2007. I have since taken them down because they are in Shockwave Flash format which doesn’t work on Apple devices though I may re-release them.


All artwork and animation in the videos was produced by JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn using Vue 2015 . People who visit this page have my permission to download and enjoy these Living Pictures for use on as many devices or computers as you like. If you share these Living Pictures please make sure and give credit back to this page on this website. Please consider our “Pay by Donation” policy. Thank you.

This is mystic art. In this art there is far more than meets the immediate experience of its presentation. I respect what you do very much. It’s mystic authenticity speaks quietly & super subtly. Where others scream to be recognized as coming from other advanced realms, this art rests there & simply smiles. Please continue your great work wherever it takes you.

C. E. C.

Right click the small squarish “full screen” icon on the lower right corner of the video to access the loop feature. To access these video menu items you must click play first before they appear.

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