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An Example of the Power of Holding A Dream

Digital Motion Picture Studio is a project that I am dreaming into manifestation since about 1987. This page describes highlights of the past and visions for the future of this project. I find it fascinating and intriguing that the dream and vision of this project although in my opinion never fully yet realized has produced so much good work with so much benefit to so many people. I find it amazing as personal testimony to the value of holding and focusing on a dream even as the dream is coming into being and not yet fully manifested. I find it excellent as a way of surely moving forward through all challenges and obstacles to continually return to the dream in meditation. It is my pleasure to share about this project with you now.


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JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn

In 1995 I had a vision for what I called Digital Motion Picture Studio. While I already had a fully functioning advertising media studio with clients I was seeing the future of digital media.

I foresaw that it would be possible for one or a few people with the right equipment and training to make digital media that was as beautiful as the major players were able to make using huge budgets, yet not constrained by having to make the content a certain way. Little did I know at the time that what I was envisioning would only be technically possible twenty years into the future. Which is now.
 Aum Dum Durgaya Namaha

At the time and ever since then I have always done whatever I can do to stay in touch with the digital publishing industry and to continue to develop, design, and publish work. Along the way sticking to my dream, several things happened. First of all I realized that the majority of really great imagery and art and media of various kinds being produced by the major studios and advertising firms was violent such as for example most computer games and movies, or had story elements that were promoting sexual values that may be questionable.

I also felt that media content and the interaction with it could have an extremely positive effect on a person if it was done in a certain way. Meaning that when a person is focused on the lights, movement, story, music, sounds, and all that can be part of a digital composition in a variety of forms that is all having an influence on that person. I studied the effects of sound and light and subconscious response to things presented. Over the years I produced and managed to advertise and reach over a million people with various forms of positive media using whatever tools and training I was able to put together.

At my website many of these things I now proudly present to the people who visit the site. Many people have written to me telling that the work I produced and shared with them had what seems to me to be an extremely positive effect on their lives. At this time I feel ready, willing, and able to take all the production to a new level and create new work and new versions of the existing work and I imagine completing a few purchases of hardware and software to add to the equipment and software I currently have.

I most imagine to rent a physical location for the studio and to advertise the existing website and the upcoming productions as well to hire some subcontractors and pay for some services. I feel that if I can materialize these things I just mentioned that I already have a way to fund the future development of projects myself and I am asking for help to all that is to get this next step completed of finishing up to manifest this digital motion picture studio that I have been envisioning and building up to for the past 21 years including the work I have published and produced so far, and the training and research I have already undertaken.

The original dream in 1995 was that the project was to make the digital motion picture studio itself, knowing that having such a place would mean that many projects could be done. Rather than funding a specific project, the idea is to build, focus upon, and maintain the studio itself knowing that individual projects may or may not succeed that is the nature of publishing. So having a studio that can produce a variety of work is a better investment in the certainty of some of the projects doing well and reaching their intended goals.

This project at the stage currently is to finish putting together the studio itself and for advertising the existing work, and the upcoming work that is expected to be produced. I feel that so much has already been accomplished in this regard, and at the same time there is some finishing touches to bring it to fruition in terms of the original vision, and to open the door for productivity and excellence in new ways in helping others through producing beautiful positive media and publishing and advertising it.

JoreJj circa 1992

JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn circa 1992

Around 1987 I envisioned making “electronic art that heals people’s brain”. In 1995 while working in my own existing digital art and media studio at the time in California I had a vision to create a digital motion picture studio that would produce positive content that would have a positive effect on people. To build a studio that was capable of building beautiful digital media that was beneficial or benevolent art in all kinds of formats and sharing it with people.


I felt that having such a studio would be possible due to the advances in digital art and publishing that at the time were just a dream. Now those dreams have become a reality and I have been building this project all along, creating and producing projects that are in alignment with my original dreams and intentions, and studying by doing in the various related industries like computer gaming, and personal development, and online publishing, and studying the potential benefits of recorded sounds and music on people.

My passion for doing this has been unstoppable.

At this time I have a few more pieces of equipment to put together and I want to rent a physical location dedicated to this project. I feel that will complete the dream I once had and make it a full reality. I feel this is something I need to do, and to see where it leads next. It’s been a long journey and I just recently made an entirely new website that extensively shares about me and this journey so far, as well as presents some of the work that has already been done on the way to here. My website link is provided. Enjoy.

What I feel is the most significant and productive piece of art that has emerged from my focusing on the dream of digital motion picture studio over the last twenty one years up to now in September 2016 is what I call, “The Magical Star Talisman” or at times, “The Key”.

Designing and creating this image started in my mind years before I ever emerged the first design which was grid-like.

the original version of the ClearTalk Magical Star Talisman from Elprehzleinn

The Original Talisman

It is a working image meaning it is used in a process of life transformation. The person using it is focusing on the image while they are doing mental work. Just as players of a board game focus on the imagery on the board to help them play the game. Just as computer gamers focus on imagery to help them play the game. Only this helps you play the game of life itself. Your life. To win.

The digital book, “The Practically Magical Use of Lists” introduces the basic concepts and exercises to become a winner at the game of life using the power of mind in a systematic method that leads up to being able to use this imagery on a daily basis to assist and direct seemingly miraculous life improvements that seem to occur systematically and methodically when using this image correctly.

By 2004 I had developed the grid formation version of this talisman and was using it and sharing it with others who also started to use it.

By 2006 I had through inspiration re-designed the talisman to incorporate sacred geometry and centered the image and the process of life transformation that this talisman supports around the Sri Yantra imagery.

This Re-Design Inspired the Interactive Electronic Workbook

This Re-Design Inspired the Interactive Electronic Workbook


In 2009 upon further study of the “Metatron’s Cube” sacred geometry that I incorporated into the talisman in 2006 I discovered that there was a powerful feminine counterpart to the imagery of Metatron’s Cube called “Shekinah”. I built a version of the talisman incorporating this feminine aspect and thus balancing with the masculine element.

2011 shekinah metatron banner

In The Light of Sirius (background) The Fully Balanced Version


However in practical application of the talisman this made the imagery difficult to see and read the various areas. Sometime later I moved on to design a version of the talisman that is very functional and incorporates natural amethyst texture in the background due to the effect of amethyst the gemstone and that particular color on the 6th chakra for those using the talisman on a practical basis.

amethyst cleartalk symbol

The Amethyst Version of the Magical Star Talisman

Among my theories and speculations about the impact that digital imagery has upon the viewer is the notion of the many possibilities that arise from interactivity with the imagery and sounds. Computer games and the internet seem to scratch the surface of what is possible in terms of self-development using interactive digital motion pictures.

The Magical Star Talisman is a functional artwork that has already been successfully enjoyed by quite a number of people as it is integral to many of the self-development products and services I designed so far under the influence of the inspiration to take action to manifest the dream of digital motion picture studio.

There are several major developments to this imagery that I hope to develop.. I want to bring it into animation and make it the hub of a new version of the Interactive Electronic Workbook product. I want to deliver that animated interactive product to all forms of devices and Macintosh and PC whereas now the current Interactive Electronic Workbook is available only on PC.

It was developed and sold for both PC and Mac however in 2010 the Mac version became obsolete.

A physical coffee table book version of “The Practically Magical Use of Lists” with a cover version of the talisman is intended to be produced because of the effect that such a high quality piece of art would have on the table of a home or office. At the same time the cover image could be used with various small size crystal pieces like a board game to actually use the talisman with self or with friends and family.

It is intended as well for the dreamed of new digital version of the Interactive Electronic Workbook software that a Sri Yantra module will be produced that the user can click on the central image of the Sri Yantra and enter and enter a beautiful 3D world where various designs in 3D in beautiful environments can be explored. This is expected to have a very positive effect on the person. To spend time moving around with and thus feeling and viewing various versions of the Sri Yantra rendered in 3D. Quite a bit of development has already happened in this direction of the Sri Yantra module as well as everything else discussed herein.

Sri Yantra Maha Meru

One of The Many 3D Designs of the Sri Yantra in Development now – click for animation

When it comes to facing challenges I hope that the work that I have accomplished so far and the people that I have reached so far and their response to the work is a sign of how I will address future challenges as I continue to dream the dream of a fully realized digital motion picture studio.

Meaning that so far all challenges have been met.

My goal is to have finished up the final purchases of hardware and software and to have moved to a more suitable location to continue to develop new work and to be advertising the existing products now already available on my website.

Please keep in mind that the original project of which this project is the final touches, has started in 1995 and carried through to now. I feel that completing these final steps will fullfill the original vision to have a digital motion picture studio that produces high quality positive media.

Some of the training in learning new software is a challenge. Being able to pay for advertising to share the new work that gets produced is a challenge.

It’s also a challenge to present positive media as people are conditioned to respond to media that has more violent and sexual content, or to media and advertising that is fear based for example with false time pressure to purchase and various schemes. Offering content that is both positive and is not forced on people using subliminal fear programming tactics unfortunately is not mainstream.

The idea of making the project focus on building the studio with an intention of being able to generate high quality beautiful content and get it out there to people has so far proven to be wise.

Because content is sometimes successful and sometimes not. Sometimes popular and then it’s not. There is a lot of variability in the viability of content. But having the studio itself be the project allows for many content projects to be tried. Some fail, some work.

This is how we meet the challenges. Also, I have been over the years developing a means for generating a side revenue stream and a model for maintaining the studio with my own funds rather than requiring the sale or licencing of content to be the source of funding.

This also allows for choices in content production to not be dictated by whether they will sell or not, but rather on the positive effect they can produce in people.

One of the first things I would like to do upon successful funding of Digital Motion Picture Studio is to make promotional videos for the Interactive Electronic Workbook software and make an application to offer it on Steam and in the Windows store and on Google Play.

This software has already helped a lot of people to “play the game of life” with more success and empowerment. I would like to reach more people and update the software with a new version.

A Screen Capture of the First Page of the Interactive Electronic Workbook

A Screen Capture of the First Page of the Interactive Electronic Workbook

Today I dropped  into a reverie of remembrance of that time back around 1999 when I was helping another person visualize and manifest their dream of becoming a major recording artist.

He was envisioning himself selling actual LP records you know the actual vinyl and I was saying dude there is no way. In the future music is going to be sold one song at a time, and digitally. I went into a whole explanation and for support pointed to and bought a laptop and showed him how to record digitally.

About two years later, iTunes was launched. In 1989 when as an artist painting canvases and doing other types of physical installations I started to have visions of making electronic art that would have a positive impact on the brain. And I could see into the future where flat screens would be everywhere. That future is now.

In 1995 when I first formally proposed to investors that it was a good time to launch a digital motion picture studio I speculated that the computer animation industry was going to become huge and produce feature length films that would become billion dollar properties and that computer animation in TV and movies was going to be huge. None of that had happened yet. Toy Story ( what I think was the first feature length computer animation motion picture mega-success) was still in production and about to be released.

The concept I had back then that I was sharing with potential investors was the same as I am sharing in my proposal now and the same concept that I have worked with over the last 21 years since 1995. The focus on building and maintaining and running and operating and keeping up to date the physical studio itself, the hardware and the software, and the skills to use them. In this way I proposed it was wiser than funding a specific project. Making the studio itself the project would allow for many different projects to be produced some of which would become hits, and some that would fail.

Life Transformation System A-Z was one of the hits so far. I estimate that between 15,000 to 25,000 people received that online course. But the numbers is not the main part of that success. When I think of the impact of all the work produced so far out of this dream of digital motion picture studio it is on the people that have used and related to the products. The positive effect on the person.

Life Transformation System A-Z cover art

The Cover of the First Book in the Three Part Home Study Workshop offered by JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn


The massive amounts of testimonials and the superlative quality of those testimonials from people that used Life Transformation System A-Z was telling me that digital art and media products can have a truly positive impact on the people that use our products. To me the philosophy that I work by is that the real success and therefore the real value of digital motion picture studio is not in the numbers of people or dollars produced, but by the positive transformation that our products can assist people to have. The numbers and dollars are something that supports that to happen, but is not the goal, nor the purpose.

This morning I spent some time appreciating all the products that have been produced so far out of this dream of digital motion picture studio as it has been coming alive over these past 21 years since I started to formally manifest it way back then. I thought about all the clients we made products for who came back to tell me how well they had worked for them and how happy they were. I thought of all the art that was sold and must still be out there somewhere in many cases. And I again as I was counting the numbers, it became evident that was and is not as important as the people served, and how they feel about what they are receiving. A good feeling of great richness started coming to me from contemplating that and imagining and hoping to take things to the next level with this dream of digital motion picture studio now.

My first visions of digital motion picture studio came to me when I was still working as a physical artist doing paintings and making my own Japanese screens and selling both of those. I actually think that I started making those screens partly due to the power of the vision that in the future the world would be full of flat screens that people were staring at and I would make electronic art that would be beneficial to those people.

One thing I have definitely noticed is that the screens draw our attention and we focus intently on them. I also have come to understand that wherever we focus our attention, manifestation follows. That led me to develop and share a lot of electronic products and services that turn that focus into an advantage for the person. One of the things that I discovered is supposedly – and I personally think it is absolutely true – that focusing on the Sri Yantra has all kinds of positive benefits for the person who does that. I experimented with making prints of the Sri Yantra and putting them up around my home.I experimented with using images of the Sri Yantra as background screens on my various computers and devices. Then I started to get into doing three dimensional computer models and animations of the Sri Yantra. I found out that when the Sri Yantra is rendered in three dimensions it is also called Maha Meru.

Doing this led me to imagine a computer game made with the Unity engine in which the player could explore various Sri Yantra Maha Meru in various digital nature environments.

Spending time playing the game would therefore be spending time looking at the Sri Yantra, which is supposedly one of the ways that one can attain its’ benefits. Since about 2006 I have placed the Sri Yantra at the center of the “Magical Star Talisman” artwork which is used in my product the “Electronic Interactive Workbook” which is currently available for Windows users and is one of the most popular products I have designed and shared so far.

A Screen Capture Detailing the Opening Page of the Interactive Electronic Workbook

A Screen Capture Detailing the Opening Page of the Interactive Electronic Workbook


I imagine making an upgraded version of the Interactive Electronic Workbook and adding a Sri Yantra module that one could access by clicking the Sri Yantra inside the main image in the workbook entering into a set of environments that could be navigated and enjoyed that contain numerous Maha Meru that could be walked around and flown over and so on within a gaming style environment.

Currently there is a Youtube video playlist version of the Cleartalk Technology for consciously creating your own reality and working with your thoughts and feelings to magically solve current problems and improve the life with techniques of working with some of the inner powers in a focused and concentrated manner on each area of a person’s life. A version of the Sri Yantra in 3D is incorporated into the video playlist to expose the viewer to the positive effects of the Sri Yanta while they do the work of concentrating on the various areas of their life and what they imagine is better.

An upgraded version of this video playlist is also something I imagine producing when I imagine already having completed successfully this Kickstarter campaign.

It is a real pleasure to share these ideas and the manifestations that have come so far from working with the dream of digital motion picture studio this past 21 years. Peace and Love, Always and Forever.

JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn

1995 was the time when I first launched the dream of Digital Motion Picture Studio. At that time the proposal I was making to potential investors and to my then partners in multimedia was that we take advantage of the future that was about to come regarding the importance and popularity of digital art and animation.
Aum Buddhaya Namah
It seems today that I was clearly seeing the future at the right time, in the right place to make that idea work. An important part of putting together the proposal for private investors at the time was that I had to name our new project and design a logo. The Digital Motion Picture Company name and logo shown here is what emerged.
Aum Buddhaya Namah
Digital Motion Picture Company logo

This is the Original 1995 Design of the Digital Motion Picture Company logo

Aum Buddhaya Namah
Although the particular proposal and investment plan I was offering never went forward as such – from the ashes of that failure emerged the Elprehzleinn websites and then the Elprehzleinn Foundation of Forever Being non-profit Hawaii corporation and later the Elprehzleinn brand and a variety of potent self-help products and services including a wonderfully amazing track record with all that and the Legendary Elprehzleinn Family Story.
Aum Buddhaya Namah
Meanwhile I also continued to privately use the original logo for my own personal purpose of maintaining the vision, the work, and the dream. The dream of building a digital motion picture studio which was the original idea and purpose for which funds were being raised in 1995. I called it digital motion picture company in 1995 and since then up to 2015. My idea at that time is the same as it is now that the most valuable course of action is to build the studio and from that various projects could emerge rather than focusing on projects, focus on the studio. This is I feel a more stable plan as some projects work and some do not, but having the studio is a tool to be productive no matter what.
Aum Buddhaya Namah
I remember back around 1994 people used to come into my multimedia studio and wonder where I got all the work done!? I produced music videos, animations, many forms of major multimedia presentations, and I was also doing a lot of work for print. However since doing things digitally was still quite new people only saw a few computers on the tables I had set up and did not see what they expected from a studio that was producing the kind and quality of work I was. It was the dawn of digital production going mainstream.
Aum Buddhaya Namah
Now as I consider again the project of finishing what I started and finishing to build digital motion picture studio it is me who is marvelling at how much can be done with seemingly so little equipment as now computers are much more compact, the internet doesn’t take up any space, as far as my studio is concerned, and it just seems to me like the world I once envisioned is here, and yet what a trip to actually have dreamed it, AND now to be here living in it.
Aum Buddhaya Namah
I also marvel in amazement at this time that most of the projects I have realized so far simply holding the dream of building and having a digital motion picture studio have proven to be of great service to others and to this day remain as wonderful products and services available to people all over the world.
Aum Buddhaya Namah
In holding the dream I was inspired again and again, step by step, to do whatever I could do to work and build and carry this project forward into the future which is now I feel.
Aum Buddhaya Namah
In 2015 amidst an overwhelming array of circumstance, opportunities, and possibilities I had the intuition to sort it all out by putting all efforts towards fully materializing the dream of digital motion picture studio and today on September 19, 2016 I have come up with an updated logo for the project.
Aum Buddhaya Namah
Digital Motion Picture Studio logo

The 2016 Version of the Logo

Aum Buddhaya Namah
Some of the details of how it came about that Elprehzleinn was born are written out in the Legendary Elprehzleinn Family Story digital novel. Some of the details are only written in my heart and mind as memories of a most extraordinary series of events that is still unfolding and remains to be revolving around the ideas and realities of digital motion picture studio and the Elprehzleinn brand. I love to talk about it with people that I know and transmit certain information privately and verbally. It is exciting to do that to tell the story in the traditional manner of telling a story in person.
Aum Buddhaya Namah
Today I wanted to share the original logo, and the new updated version of it to go along with the renewed dream of digital motion picture studio for the current time and place.
Aum Buddhaya Namah

I’m observing someone piece by piece construct a skill set that’s gonna produce a 100

million dollar pixar like film one day, I just know it.


This is mystic art. In this art there is far more than meets the immediate experience of its presentation. I respect what you do very much. It’s mystic authenticity speaks quietly & super subtly. Where others scream to be recognized as coming from other advanced realms, this art rests there & simply smiles. Please continue your great work wherever it takes you.


You are divinely contacted.

-a comment from Instagram

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Published by JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn
The Elprehzleinn websites have been online since 1995. The sites were recently moved to Canada in early 2015. Our official address is currently in Ottawa, Canada.
Peace and Love Forever

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Since computers landed on the desktop in the mid-eighties my primary career focus is now and has remained since then as a professional Multimedia Designer and Animation Artist. Since I have also always been interested in healing and was destined to do something about that in terms of electronic art the focus of my work has whenever possible directed towards the intention of creating positive media. The Elprehzleinn websites reflect that. I do love working on other projects and for people that want to look into hiring me let’s talk. Use my contact form. To see a listing and some portfolio items from the many clients and projects I have worked on in addition to the big Elprehzleinn project, visit

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