Some Potential Benefits of Using the Elprehzleinn Brand Products and Services:

•Experience for yourself from day one and thereafter for as long as you choose
to the legendary benefits of the mastery of meditation in a harmonious
and balanced modern method that was designed to connect your body
with the truly divine spiritual being that you already know and
thereby with your true power and true self and true connection with
the divine being who always loves you.

•The ability to focus and concentrate the mind is unanimously agreed
upon by ancient masters and the modern “rock stars” of
success and accomplishment as the one success that brings all other
success. With this you gain that skill every day and it shows up
in all areas of your life accordingly.

•Be totally centered in your own life and have a way to stay centered
when things happen in your life as your life changes in all the
ways that it does. Feel free and excited about change in your life.
Have fun with your life, rather than escaping your life to have

•Tangibly love yourself by providing all of what you need at the thought level
for yourself even if it was missing before. And it shows up in real
life in the best form and the most benevolent manner for you.

•Enjoy the ability to make the most of the life you have right now in the
most positive ways yet you dream for something more. Learn how to
live your everyday life while you hold your dream strong even if
it has not come true yet, AND have it come true step by step. Handling
your everyday existence is critical to having the stamina and staying
power to stick with it. This gives that to you. Easily. Steadily.

•Develop your mental strength so much that not only is it impossible for
unwanted thought forms or other people or TV or anything like that
to influence you in ways you do not want, but you can actually transform
anything that comes into your presence and make something good of

•Actually experience the results that you may have been led to believe you
can get from reading and studying other mind power self-help, get
what you want with mind power materials, courses, and/or attending
workshops. All that you did before can serve you now as ClearTalk™
pulls it all into a structure you can make sense of it and get it
all to work the way it really can.

•Foresee your own most brilliant future, and write it down in words with
help from your higher self and your very own most brilliant future
self and your soul and spirit, and make it come true. Yes, that
is one of the benefits you get from using this program. You can
literally do that. In the process you can release any fears and
blockages you have to knowing your own future, destiny and fortune,
and working with all of that with the protection of Love Itself
and your highest consciousness to safely undertake the adventure
to make it come true. I know, it sounds incredible. Truly, this
is part of the program and you can do it.

•Transform every kind of negative situation in life and the inner programming
that generates it – at the level of thought – into what you imagine,
desire, and expect is better, including all manner of real tangible
situations and also negative thinking. This is absolutely for certain.

•Establish and enjoy a positive, healthy, working relationship with your subconscious
mind, your Higher Self, unseen friends, GODdess (or whatever name
you use for the Source of All Love), your ego, and anyone else in
your life that you do ClearTalk with.

•Finally have the means to talk about ANYTHING with the people you most love
in your life. If you do ClearTalk™ together you can quickly talk about everything you need to and work it out
using ClearTalk. This benefit alone is massive. And it is as easy as playing a board game together. Only
MUCH more rewarding.

•Consciously create your own reality. This means that when you are using ClearTalk
right from the start you are working consciously with your thoughts
and feelings, choices and decisions, and your beliefs and attitudes
in such a way as to support what you imagine, desire, and expect,
CONSCIOUSLY to come true in your own reality. And it often does
in most benevolent ways. It is a whole new way of living. A wonderful
way of living.

•Develop your powers of positive thinking and feeling.

•Gain real confidence in your own ability to imagine, desire, and expect
what you want in life. You can do it!

•Experience why ancient masters say that mastering the mind is the one success
that brings all other success. Actually EXPERIENCE that. Know it
for your self.

•Massively increase your creativity and your imagination.

•Have a method you can use and share to create huge amounts of fun, success
of any kind that is right for you, love, and closeness and all manner
of good things WITH YOUR LOVER or whomever you choose to do ClearTalk

•Know how to get out of problematic situations in relationships (or in
any other area of life) and get into desirable ones. Just use ClearTalk
either with or without the person in question or whatever the situation
or circumstance is. If without, then be considerate NOT to imagine
new things for that other specific person. Imagine generally that
you are with a person that you imagine is what you want, and then
that specific person can or not resonate with your new resonance.

•Have a reliable method, system, and tools, and support that is tested
and proven by real results and popular opinion to be one the finest
quality, most concise, easy to learn and understand most practical
applications of mind power for everyday life.

•Experience the unbelievable, incredible efficiency that shows up in every area
of your life making it seem like you are suddenly accomplishing
more than ever yet your free time is more and more free. Ultimately
you achieve feeling like ALL YOUR TIME is ALWAYS free. I know, it
seems unbelievable. I told you that up front. But it is true. It
happens starting from the first day you use ClearTalk to manage
your life with your thoughts, with your subconscious mind.

•Feel the value and joy and love and peace of allowing the highest magic
of them all into your daily life. LOVE. Working with love as an
actual energy to assist and guide your success. The Love
Story Magic program
in our product catalog helps you do this
AND using ClearTalk generates love energy.
Do ClearTalk with your lover and it is unbelievable what you can
accomplish together. You can even try it with a friend and get spectacular
magic to happen for each of you.

•Feel the value and power of invoking and including your Higher Self and
your unseen friends such as angels, faeries, devas, and other luminous
beings of good intention from other kingdoms to assist you in your
every day life. They all exist and communicate at the level where
you do your ClearTalk. It is like a telephone with them and your
most Brilliant Future Self.

Published by JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn
The Elprehzleinn websites have been online since 1995. The sites were recently moved to Canada in early 2015. Our official address is currently in Ottawa, Canada.
Peace and Love Forever
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