The above video combines my Living Pictures technology with number sequences that have a particular meaning that may help a person solve any and every problem in such a way as that it would be completely solved and never return again. That is the theory about it anyways. Below is another video I put together that describes the meanings of the numbers. Now I want to share something that has happened to me in this past September 2018 which I think is incredible in terms of a far out vision regarding the world and computers and my art career I had thirty years ago that has now come true in the manifest world.

Thirty years ago as an artist painting on canvas and selling my paintings I had also just acquired my first desktop computer and I had a vision that in the future I would be making my art on computers in some kind of a working arrangement with a company that would make flat screen displays designed for showing digital fine art on the wall. At the time of course none of this existed.

Nevertheless I quit my “regular job” as a district manager for the local newspaper and began building and painting on what could best be described as Japanese Style Screens. I sold a number of those over the years and was even featured in a California home décor magazine regarding those products. But for me the reason for doing it was that I was incredibly motivated and passionate about that vision of making digital art that would go on electronic flat screens. So I was just doing what I could at the time, making art on physical screens.

Now just last week, in September 2018 I discovered the company I had envisioned thirty years ago. The only company I think in the world right now that is just now coming out with a display that is designed exclusively for showing fine art. Within one week of finding them I already have signed a licensing deal with them to show my Living Pictures art on their screens to their premium subscribers. My unique style of futuristic art that emerged over the last 30 years of pursuing this vision or one could say being enchanted and led by this vision will be displayed along with the great art masters.

I have no idea where this is going to lead but I am really intrigued by why would I follow such a vision with such passion and all the places it has led me to get to this point and arriving here to already have a set of futuristic digital art pieces already for them. I have already delivered 7 pieces to them and have more than that already made. I knew this was coming. I don’t know where it leads from here but I wanted to share this particular living picture with you that has the number sequence on it because just viewing it may actually do exactly what the meanings of the numbers say they are about. And my special living pictures style of animation art may help that number sequence to program into your subconscious mind for possibly extraordinary benevolence and benefits for the viewer.

The living pictures as I designed them are meant to be viewed on loop. So the living picture above in this post cannot be viewed on loop in the post. However when I asked the developers of “Canvia” the display I once only imagined that would be for displaying fine art, the company I know have a license with and have already submitted seven of my works of digital fine art in the living pictures format. I asked them if the people who buy their fine art display would be able to view my living pictures on loop. Yes. Just as I had imagined it would need to be for the full experience of these living pictures. Note: In some desktop browsers if you view my living picture art in the playlist on my YouTube channel you can right click the lower right expand to full screen icon and there is a loop function.

Use this link to visit the site of the company that makes the digital screen for fine art that I envisioned thirty years ago.


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