I received a digital stylus pen for writing on my phone and tablet today. I took it with me to the coffee shop where I do my “Advanced Win List” pretty much everyday lately. And I do a “ClearTalk” session usually at home some time later in the day. And in the mornings in my meditation session I usually read the “Absolutely Elprehzleinn” affirmation. It was an incredible experience to check off the items on my list using that pen. I had never done anything like that before nor ever held a pen like that before. Everyday I have some kind of incredible experience using the Elprehzleinn System but I thought I should write a blog post explaining that I haven’t marketed or advertised the Elprehzleinn System for ten years now.

For a few years back before then there were a lot of people around the world that downloaded Life Transformation System A-Z that wrote me saying they had attained excellent results. Many of their testimonials are still on this website. It was incredible.  I too manifested a lot of my desires and it was unbelievable and fun and enchanting. Nowadays the entire system is way more refined and elegant and robust and complete but hardly anybody uses the new version if at all. That’s probably because I stopped advertising it. I had never wanted to be a self-help guru to be honest about it. It just happened. The way it came about.

The way it started to happen that I was for a while it just came together like that due to extraordinary and unique circumstances fitting together at the right time. And then at a certain point I just shifted to focusing on developing the system further because it was obviously really really good for people, it was working for a lot of people in a lot of ways.

I have always been and yet become more so personally interested in finding just a few people to use it with fully. I made that an intention of my own that I had wanted to manifest. To really go deep with the system with a few people. Yes out of responsibility for what this seems to me to be and how it seems to me to help people so unusually well  I developed it in a way that it could be shared with many people if that was ever meant to be again. But I personally intended to share it with just a few people.  I know that the main reason I kept developing the system rather than focusing on selling it is because I had experienced this incredible thing of how it got out there all over the world in the first place, how that came about,  and then how people succeeded with it and how joyful that felt for me.

So I wanted to get it updated for the new world of devices that was coming. And be responsible for this system that I had in my care and keeping that seemed like such a gift.  In case it would ever be shared with people again I knew I had to  make it available for any device. So I did that and much more instead of selling and marketing. I stopped advertising and marketing the Elprehzleinn brand ten years ago. After all I am more the geeky digital designer than a life coach type. And since I knew how well the system works, I honestly preferred and programmed in my own personal use of the system to find just a few really good people to work with the system very fully. Rather than you know trying to make money selling it to masses of people. I got it ready in case it would ever go out to a large number of people like it did at first.  So I suppose it was easier to become obsessed with the development and just trust where that would lead. At the same time since I use it myself every day I programmed myself to attract just a few people that we would work with the system very intensely and fully and experience it all the way. Now I know that led to the whole system being more developed! And me far wiser and more skilled at using it and probably at sharing it with others if and when that ever happens again. And I kept using it myself and just sharing parts of it with a few people. 

The way the Elprehzleinn system is designed and in place today is like a million years beyond where it was when I first released it in 2002. When I first used it myself in the years before that. It seems strange that now like when I first discovered the early version of what is now the Practically Magical Use of Lists which is part of the whole system it is basically hidden from the public. Back then Robyn had the manuscript hidden away in his closet. Nobody was using it until I found out about it. And now it’s like that again with the entirely more complete and full system. I remember Robyn used to say the pen is mightier than the sword. I thought of that for some reason today when I was using my new digital pen to check off items on my advanced win list. I thought of how far it has all come. Totally unbelievable.

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