If you are consciously creating your own reality meaning you have intentions, you have dreams, you have goals, and you want to have them manifest. If you are doing something like that which is what my website is all about then you are perhaps at times wondering how you can improve your results. I am always interested in working with new people or people I have already worked with when it comes to getting together over long distance using our devices or in person. Getting together to polish your intentions, to process your energy to support them to come true, there is so much that can be accomplished when we have a visit. If you want to do that use my contact form or social media and let me know you do.

Recently I search for help with my own manifesting of my own intentions by doing a special meditation to get in touch with the power of the earth. And soon after I did I discovered Grounding or Earthing. To me this what the earth directly replying to my request for help from the earth. So for a while now I have been researching and studying and buying grounding tools and getting my own experience of doing this grounding work and why. I am making this blog post to share that I feel it is an entirely amazing thing to do. In order to explain it and or introduce it more in case you may not already know about it here is a fabulous video that summarizes the topic. And if you want to try it and buy tools and get more into it I think that Dr. Laura Koniver who appears in the video is a really good person to connect with online meaning go to her site, find other videos that feature her etc. I am not affiliated with her in any way, just saying I feel she is a top person to go to for this. And I am happy to include grounding from now in in any work that I do helping you or other people to create, process, and manifest your dreams.

Sri Yantra

Published by JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn
The Elprehzleinn websites have been online since 1995. The sites were recently moved to Canada in early 2015. Our official address is currently in Ottawa, Canada.
Peace and Love Forever
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Since computers landed on the desktop in the mid-eighties my primary career focus is now and has remained since then as a professional Multimedia Designer and Animation Artist. Since I have also always been interested in healing and was destined to do something about that in terms of electronic art the focus of my work has whenever possible directed towards the intention of creating positive media. The Elprehzleinn websites reflect that. I do love working on other projects and for people that want to look into hiring me let’s talk. Use my contact form. To see a listing and some portfolio items from the many clients and projects I have worked on in addition to the big Elprehzleinn project, visit MediaZDesign.com

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