Although many people over the years have experimented successfully with using the Elprehzleinn brand products and services for the setting of personal goals and manifesting them magically the main focus for me all along has been on consciously creating reality together.

On numerous occasions when I had the opportunity to lead groups of people in an experience of consciously creating together over a period of several weeks or months the results were astounding and the process was very fun. I also felt that the best and most elegant and easy results also came about when I was partnering with someone as a coach or in a personal relationship to consciously create reality together.

Since I have never established a long term relationship of consciously creating with any other person I have to admit I am also way down the road of visualizing goals and dreams on my own and processing my inner thoughts and feelings and beliefs and attitudes and choices and decisions and seeing and enjoying what I have manifested on my own so far.

I want to take this time to thank you for your subscription to my blog and to remind you that now more than ever I am in a position to be your partner in consciously creating your own reality for a while. The optional full package that I designed as a very elegant and tailor-fit tool is intended to provide the means whereby in person or over long distance I partner up with you for a period of several months on a schedule we design together. And during this time we do great things together based on selecting and designing a program for you and doing it together.

Whereas a lot of people might expect to teach you something and then go do it on your own, this is different. We do this together. And the results of doing things together is always wonderful. So if you want to take the optional full package you can start by contacting me and saying that you do. If you want to design a schedule for the next few months where we can work and talk together and do great things with your existing intentions and getting them to be better processed and more powerfully manifested it could be really fun. Just contact me and we can get started. Refer to the products and services page if you want to see all the things that are available that we can do together. And have a look if you have not yet done so at the last blog post I made regarding some of the potential benefits of doing these things together.

With Love and Peace, Always and Forever,

JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn

Published by JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn
The Elprehzleinn websites have been online since 1995. The sites were recently moved to Canada in early 2015. Our official address is currently in Ottawa, Canada.
Peace and Love Forever
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Since computers landed on the desktop in the mid-eighties my primary career focus is now and has remained since then as a professional Multimedia Designer and Animation Artist. Since I have also always been interested in healing and was destined to do something about that in terms of electronic art the focus of my work has whenever possible directed towards the intention of creating positive media. The Elprehzleinn websites reflect that. I do love working on other projects and for people that want to look into hiring me let’s talk. Use my contact form. To see a listing and some portfolio items from the many clients and projects I have worked on in addition to the big Elprehzleinn project, visit

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