In 2013 I began working more intently on making renderings of the Sri Yantra and working with the imagery of the Sri Yantra as a power tool. This blog post is one of the results of what is now about 4 years of working on this specific project because I value the power of the Sri Yantra so much. Just looking at it has so much power potentially that I designed a method of doing ClearTalk practice based around the Sri Yantra and added what I feel is a very potent mantra formula audio. When one practices Cleartalk using the talisman it becomes incredibly activated with your personal intentions that are projected during the session.

For some people you might already know that ClearTalk is a practice for solving all your problems on a daily basis by a method of mentally re-organizing your thoughts and feelings and energies that are creating your current reality into the reality that you imagine is better. And ClearTalk helps you make that imagination. If you don’t know what ClearTalk is, or how to use it, or even if you do know what it is and you want to use it better or more often then please contact me using the contact form on this website accessible from the main menus and I can help you. Life Transformation System A-Z also includes full instructions and guidance in a home study program that you can study to  learn and practice ClearTalk. For now, I present to you a new version of the ClearTalk talisman for you to use and enjoy.

The way to use this one is that you can right click the “expand to full screen” icon in the lower right corner of the video window below in which you see the video coming in from YouTube. You then choose “loop”. Set the audio loudness to very low so it is just audible and then with the audio playing in the background like that you can do your ClearTalk practice using the artwork as your guideline to the 12 areas of life. Much benefit can be gained from doing this practice. Enjoy. Also for a better understanding of the mantra formula audio that accompanies this please contact me, or read the blog post entitled Sex, Financial Matters, Love, and Magic.

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