After decades of steadily focusing and more and more deeply penetrating the ideas and experiences that it is from our imagination that we create reality I came up with something.

aum buddhaya namaha

What I came up with is a sense that in order for this to work fully for people who tried it there was more involved than knowing and using the right techniques or skills. You see we already have the techniques and skills and use them automatically all the time. So I studied a lot of how we are naturally and organically creating our own reality, as well as studying and practicing the art and technique of it.


I realized that when people are coming to me for help in how to make it all work better that it was important to shift the personal consciousness together on not just one of the areas mentioned in the title of this blog post but in all of those areas as a whole. I realized that by understanding the way a person is being right now in those areas and how they are working or not working together great immediate shifts could occur.

aum buddhaya namaha

Those are the kinds of shifts that people hope for, and we get them just by talking about those areas for that person.

aum buddhaya namaha

Please allow me to give you one example.

aum buddhaya namaha

Below on this page is a modified version of one of my recent “Living Pictures” to which I have added a mantra formula I composed of four mantras. You can see that of course by playing the video. However to understand what those mantras mean and how they work put together like that on that video could lead to  a profound and fundamental effect on your entire life choices and directions.

aum buddhaya namaha

It wouldn’t even take me that long to make an audio to accompany this post and that video to explain the concept behind the video and how you can work with it and what you might expect from doing so. However, my theory is that most people who would read this blog post and look at that video while being beneficially effected by it would not be able to make full use of it without their conscious understanding and choice of working with it.

aum buddhaya namaha

And I feel that understanding would not be able to be accessed even if the explanation was provided here without the person moving through the issues addressed by the Sex, Financial Matters, Love and Magic component of my optional full package. Which is what I call the private consulting option I offer on these websites.

aum buddhaya namaha

In order to use our own power of imagination it requires a kind of freedom that we have either given away or has been taken away from us however you want to look at it. A freedom in each one of those areas, and all of those areas combined. I think we can open the doors to the freedom to be who you truly are by the work we do i.e. the conversations we have when you choose to take the optional full program with me and we start by working with this component of that program. This Sex, Financial Matters, Love and Magic component of the optional full program.

aum buddhaya namaha

I call it the optional full program because there are many steps involved that are optional as I present them on an individual basis. The path we take in the overall program is outlined clearly by the intention of it and the intentions we set together for doing it. However the path we take is unique for each person depending on the choices every step of the way.

Mantra Formula

This is a mantra formula that I designed and am speaking in my own voice. I designed it based on mantras for Rahu and Ketu which are known in Western Astrology as the North and South Node of the Moon. The formula begins with a mantra to Shiva for help and protection using this mantra formula. Following are mantras to the energies of the Planets Neptune, Pluto, and Uranus. Following that is the mantra for Rahu followed by the mantra for the Overlord of Rahu which is the Goddess Durgaya. Following that is the mantra for Ketu which is followed by the mantra to the Overlord of Ketu which is Lord Ganeshaya.

I feel certain that working with the North and South nodes of the moon is one of the most important and effective techniques for becoming solid and secure in one’s own self and with one’s own soul regarding the life purpose. Also this work helps one to become more easily able to make use of and understand all other aspects of one’s destiny and astrology information that can be read.

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