Introducing Living Pictures

Living Pictures is an expression of my desire to provide an alternative to what you might normally see on your computer screen. The idea behind living pictures is to be like a painting that moves. When observing nature it always seems to have some motion. I felt that adding a touch of motion to the image makes it more natural. I hope that the added effect of motion will increase the positive benefits we normally get when looking at a beautiful picture of nature. Just follow the link below and you can now see a youtube video version of the Living Pictures that are currently available, and if you like you can download the ones you like the best.
The way to use a Living Picture is to put it on your computer screen or device and put it on loop or repeat. Enjoy. It is my great pleasure to begin to share these with you.
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The Elprehzleinn websites have been online since 1995. The sites were recently moved to Canada in early 2015. Our official address is currently in Ottawa, Canada.

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