The idea that I am sharing today is based on a huge amount of experience that I have had in personal development. In all this experience it seems to me that people divide thinking and feeling as if they function independantly. In yoga I am learning that there is no such thing as healing one part of the body, the body is a whole and it all heals as a whole.
 om shreem kleem brzee
Just because it is possible to think and feel that an injury or something physical is because of a certain reason and showing up in a certain way that doesn’t mean there isn’t much else going on on many levels and it is all connected as a whole.
  om shreem kleem brzee
Now when it comes to thinking and feeling I am writing this blog post because it is very valuable I think and feel it is very valuable for a person to know what they are thinking and feeling. One reason why it is valuable is that there are very high quality states of thinking and feeling that can be attained through the art and practice of transformation and transmutation. I think this happens automatically when we sit in quiet meditation.
  om shreem kleem brzee
I think and therefore I feel as well as know that it is a very positive and pleasant experience to gain the benefits of uplifting thinking and feeling and experiencing how a similar topic feels and even has a different “mental structure” when considered at different emotional frequencies.
  om shreem kleem brzee
The objective of this blog post is to focus the idea that every thought has a feeling and every feeling has a thought and there is not such a thing as “divorced from one’s feelings” or “heart centered as opposed to mind oriented”. It may be that the apparent focus is more on feelings and less on the mental aspect, or more on the mental aspect and less on the emotional aspect.
  om shreem kleem brzee
I understand that there are definitions that divide emotion and feeling into separate categories.
  om shreem kleem brzee
What I am proposing is that the mind and the heart function in a connected manner. I am proposing that  there is no such thing as mind only or heart only without the other – when you truly examine it as I have done for decades. When you search and try to discover the mind without any feelings, or try to feel and express feelings without the mind. It certainly can appear like it is so. A person can certainly seem to be cut off from their feelings and too much in their head so to speak. And yet that remains a condition of both feelings and mind functioning together in that way.
  om shreem kleem brzee
The entire purpose of me writing this blog post is so that in case any spiritual being who reads this can evaluate for themselves the possibility that all thoughts have feeling and all feelings have thoughts that it may be extremely helpful when searching within or relating without to know better where to search for all that is. We are rich and vast and complex in how we are, even in the most simple things.
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