The Elprehzleinn brand, “Interactive Electronic Workbook” is an excellent tool for helping people do all the things you need to in order to form and focus your thoughts and feelings, choices and decisions, beliefs and attitudes to manifest i.e. consciously create what you imagine, desire, and expect for your life in all areas. You can use it for your self, AND you can use it with friends and your lover. Things change when you do so, and this article explains a bit about that.


First of all, if any body has already or is planning to download and use the Interactive Electronic Workbook, would you please send me an e-mail using the contact form at and let me know you are using it? Since I started sharing the software by donation I don’t really have any way of knowing who is using it, and I would like to. I also offer to help people such as I can to use it, as simple as it appears and is to use once you know how, it’s very complex in how it works, and why it works.


What I want to focus on is how the experience of using the workbook changes when you do it with another person. You can do it with a friend, in such a way that you don’t even need to use the journaling part and you can just do a “ClearTalk session” together taking turns. You know – looking at the Magical Star Talisman symbol and declaring how your life is first “in the universe” and then “in my own universe”. And then it’s their turn, and you work your way around the 12 areas of life like that. It can be a lot of fun, and very powerful. You can  use the symbol at for that and the instructions in audio are pretty easy to follow at


When you do it with friends I call that “reciprocal ClearTalk” because you take turns. When you do it with your lover it’s another story and experience all together. If you are just starting out with somebody as lovers then do it the same way that you do it with a friend. The idea is that even though you are together you still have separate lives. The reciprocal process will be an excellent way of coming to clear terms of where you each are at in life and what you are dreaming and hoping and desiring for. And your love-making will support that process. The energy of being lovers I mean. So it’s a really nice thing to do for each other, to support each other’s lives.


At some point, when and if you want to merge your lives into one life, then I recommend starting an Interactive Electronic Workbook together. Or if you already have your lives together this can do amazing things. Then it’s different because you don’t keep two separate journals. You just do the entire process together as one. You won’t be able to believe what can be accomplished like this. I definitely recommend that you reach out for my help if you decide to do the merged version for lovers because I mean it, you won’t believe what can happen, so I better make sure you are ready for it, and understand how to make it work.


note: It seems to me that in our current Western social system the way things are is that there are a lot of people making love and maybe even living together but they still have separate lives in many ways. Using this journaling process in the “friends” or what I call “reciprocal” manner is right for that kind of relationship. There are a smaller number of people that are truly into merging and focusing and working and living together truly as a couple and this workbook and using it correctly as a couple has many additional benefits, or let’s just say it’s very different that way. So try and make the determination of what kind of “couple” you really are and if you are not sure then definitely start out with the reciprocal method. And if you can, if you want to, definitely don’t miss out on trying the ‘totally together” method. And as always, this work great for so-called single people. Peace and Love All Ways. @JoreJjZ

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“Point of Focus” artwork produced by: JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn
credits: designed and rendered in Vue


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