The Elprehzleinn brand Interactive Electronic Workbook is aptly named a workbook because it certainly requires some mental gymnastics. This workbook is very fine quality mental gym equipment and can produce stunning results. In this post I discuss one of the more secret areas of the workbook and how to use it.


I watched a sports documentary the other night and two top NBA players discussed their “work ethic”. If you apply even some of that kind of effort using this workbook I feel certain you will be very pleased. One area of the workbook is designed exactly for cultivating the mental work ethic so valuable for consciously generating the life circumstances you can imagine. And for developing that imagination power in ways that can seem surprisingly delightful.


There is a screen capture from the software below of an area of the Interactive Electronic Workbook that you get to by clicking that Sanskrit writing in any of the other areas. That can be translated by the way to mean, “I am that I am” which is a powerful mantra you end up visually working with because it is there. An added benefit to using the workbook. As you can see in the screen below and in the screencast if you can get to that, there is blank space to type in your “classified ad size” version first of what you can say about your life now “in the universe”. You fill in all twelve areas like that. CLICK HERE to go see a Screencast of me starting up a blank workbook and using a few of the areas if you would like to get a bit of an introduction to actually using the software yourself. The Screencast may not work on all devices as I think it requires Adobe Flash Player.


If you were talking to a friend and they asked you how it’s going for you in each one of the areas of your life, this is where you summarize your answer today. Once you have done that, you use your cursor to delete out that which you just wrote. And then area by area you write as if it is already happening now, your dream come true in each of these areas. You overwrite literally, what you just wrote. Can you see how powerful this might be? Especially on a regular basis. And this isn’t even the main part of the journal. In fact once you close out of the workbook for the day what you entered in here gets entirely erased. And it’s meant to. It’s just a place to practice in the moment focusing in each and all of the twelve areas. The areas which have a check mark in a blue circle are savable. You just click that checkmark to save. Which has a subconscious approval effect that ties into the “winlist exercise” so fundamental to what is shared in the “Practically Magical Use of Lists” which is the second book in the Life Transformation System A-Z trilogy found in our books section on this website.


The various parts of the workbook used together creates a synergistic effect that is very smooth and elegant and powerful. Enjoy. And please let me know if you download the workbook, use the contact form on this site you can access that from the menu.



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