I really like core and fundamental ideas. The ones that you change that one or those ones for the better and it has a profound ripple effect. When I troubleshoot my own system of thinking and feeling in this world I often find myself wondering as I dig for the foundation in my inner structures, “what is wrong?”. It’s a problem / solution way of thinking.

In the previous blog post to this one I made a reference and a link to the Elprehzleinn definition of Amazing Grace. I followed that link and read the page that it led to and the Amazing Grace Interview on that page. In that interview the idea of the music that we were foreseeing for the future which is now is that it would be highly beneficial for spiritual beings in their human experience in the world. As I read in that interview something like, “when a person listens to the music it would be impossible for them to feel that there was anything wrong with them.”

I thought about that, what if that was actually true that such an experience was now available or becoming more and more available? How would that affect me? So I started to listen to the music with that intentionality. To experience that music helping me to remember and realize that there is nothing wrong with me. And that worked and I touched that and it expanded.

What if there was never anything wrong with me or anybody or anything or the world? I felt released from my addictions to my inner adaptations of a system of authority that involves reward and punishment, wrong and right, I felt free of that. I started to think about even problems in a new way based on the idea that “excellence is just the way it is” and that even something perceived before as wrong could be perceived as just “how it is” and worked with from that point of view with choices that are based on relating to whatever it is that way, rather than fixing something wrong and trying to make it right.

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