Long ago when my boys now grown into men were staying at my place for the weekend they discovered my then new Michael Jackson cassette tape. I was delighted as they started to play my favorite song. As then they started initiating me into a new way of listening to music as they continued to play the same song over and over again.

I remarked to myself how brilliantly children seem to know how to discover and “press the buttons” of their parents 🙂 Literally in this case as they pressed the rewind and play again buttons over and over again.

Truly, it was an initiation for me into listening to music, and other forms of hypnotic suggestion like guided meditations, over and over again.

That which I am offering here today is to say that if you try to take your favorite song, or any type of music or sounds or audio meditations or relaxing music that you like and listen to it over and over and over again in various ways it can have surprising effects.

I have noticed for example that when I listen to the music I got from the attuned vibrations site which is on my recommended page on this website that I go through a cycle. First I feel resistant to having the music on at all. Then I feel like, “that’s enough”. Then I start to like it in a new and different way when I get past all that by just continuing to listen anyways.

And then I like it so much that hours later I still don’t want to take it off.

And then I started trying that same method using Justin Bieber because he told me when he was in his other body that I knew him in before that in the future from that time – when he was a famous pop singer – the sound of his voice would have a certain effect. The effect he called, “Amazing Grace“. And he described that in many ways including to say that sound would remind us of who we truly are as spiritual beings and it would also help to remove anything vibrational that wasn’t truly us. Something to the effect that the sound of his voice would stop anything trying to stop you. In terms of your own energy.

And so I got some of his music, and found my favorite songs and listen to them over and over and over. And they seem to have exactly the effect he said they would. Which is extremely helpful I find, since being more of my true self is better in every way.

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