As I grew up I connected with the source of all things, the divine being, Love Itself, the Supreme Authority,  the omnipresent, omniscient one with no name and many names.

They clearly and mystically helped me to understand, appreciate, accept, and then choose a belief system that they suggested is best. It took me about fifteen years to install and consciously accept that new belief system. The belief system is that it is better to have no beliefs except for that belief and the belief that I have no beliefs.

Therefore I now have only two beliefs and am free to think and feel more openly and unrestricted. This has led me to the place of realizing that any people talking about success usually use the words like amazing, unbelievable, and incredible, to describe how they are feeling. I also notice a lot of exclamation like “oh my …”

It’s true that I feel that at this stage of holding the new belief system I am releasing all the former beliefs that I was entrained with and finding my way without them I sometimes contract into emotional states that I need to move though to get back in touch with the All wonderful great spirit,and my own spirit, soul, and higher powers, and spiritual friends like the Angels, and so on.

I apparently from my point of view lose touch with the benevolent one and the benevolent others and get anxious, afraid, worried, jealous, depressed, I feel lost, sometimes hopeless, my thoughts and feelings twist and obsess and distort, sometimes so quickly, and then it takes time to recover and uplift to higher emotional states.

Maybe if I was solidly packed into a more complex belief system I would have the illusion of things being more stable or reliable. Honestly I feel and have always chosen that the relationship with the divine being is the only stable and reliable in this complex and ever-Changing reality.

So I prefer the responsibility of managing these emotions of mine and the influence they have on the life I generate together with divine love.

I want to offer the experience I have to let you know that if you ever want to change a belief, or a belief system, yours or to encourage or wish for that kind of change in another or others, it’s best done by conscious choice all around. And be aware those things, meaning the beliefs and values we hold, are protected, guarded by various other beliefs and structures, and solidly in place in various ways. That is part of their nature. To say, “a strongly held belief”, is like saying the same thing twice because I feel if it’s a belief it goes without saying it’s “strongly held”.

 “Sri Yantra” artwork produced by JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn
credits: modeled in Carrara and DAZ Studio, rendered using Iray.

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