I wonder if you could, not necessarily would be able to describe your life up to now as if you were telling the story of a map? Or your life since last week, or last night in the similar fashion?

How would you tell your story. Could it be an exact description of exactly what happened or would it be a tale. An interpretation based on memory, recollection, and accessed from the parts of your brain that store that type of information and the parts of you that access that kind of information.

Would you remember selectively and filter the memories? Would a lot of it be hidden? Nevertheless, could you? Would you?

If you could, and if you would, I feel that you would then be in touch with your exact path of destiny as it unfolded so far in this lifetime. No matter how you described it.

Now considering to do the same thing in the direction of the future and considering that since time is an illusion. Since that is so therefore looking forward is similar perhaps the same as looking backwards.

Would you? Could you?

And what is the value of doing that? So many questions.

There is a tremendous value in doing so I feel. Both directions. Looking back can be part of the process of releasing and forgiving what has been and also is a way to place heart and mind meditatively on the path of destiny. Then perhaps it’s a bit easier to turn around and face forward into the so-called unknown.

I feel certain that the forward is as known and certain as the past has been, and that the future can be re-collected the same as the past can be remembered and recalled and accounted for and related to.

Only just like relating to two different kinds of meals is “eating” therefore both are the “same” because they are both about food, yet each meal can be so different. So is it different to relate to two different orientations of perspective in life. Future vision, and past vision. The two directions of destiny.

More than vision. A whole sense of knowing.

People can know the exact path of destiny, it’s there, it’s powerful, it’s important. And one way of doing so strangely enough is to imagine it is to be whatever you choose for it to be.

For example in any way making a list or telling a story of what the future actually is in this particular life for the person being considered, for the person considering as such. A summary, details, an accounting of the highlights. However it might be, it is there. Future as well as past is certainly there.

And it can’t change.

Because when it’s done, and you look back, it was exactly what it was, even though it was different depending on how you look at it.

This is a complex consideration. What truly is the power of the future? Can a person handle that with courage and can a person stay centered in the present moment having discovered and become in touch with the exact path of their destiny?

These matters are of great importance to me and I have spent a great deal of time and energy and have a natural interest in the path of destiny and the force of destiny and working with it.

“Star Spotlights” artwork produced by: JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn
there is an animation of this image on YouTube:
credits: rendered in VUE

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