While you may or may not be a fan of Abraham as channeled by Esther Hicks here are a couple of YouTube videos that I recently found from them that I am focusing in on. My interpretation of their work is it is the concept of feeling good is all you need to do and then money and all else you desire flows to you. Just keep dropping what doesn’t feel good, keeping seeking and being with what does feel good, and all that you ever desired comes flowing in.


This is a guided meditation from them I found on YouTube I have been listening to several times a day specifically to help with practicing their method regarding financial abundance. Maybe you can enjoy it too CLICK HERE


And CLICK HERE for a 3 hour YouTube video of Abraham clips pieced together all focused on money.


Something else I found on YouTube and have been listening to a lot lately are the videos on Lilian Eden’s Youtube channel. CLICK HERE


Citrine and Spiral Selenite
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