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Time Relationship is Extremely Important

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A very common experience I have of people and people coaching other people to “be successful” is what I call a current collective consciousness about the relationship with time. It’s an agreement that everybody seems to have that “I am busy” and “I don’t have much time”. There is a rushed feeling that to me lacks spaciousness and richness. There seems little room for loving. For me this all seems very understandable AND very foreign to my own experience. My favorite experience is the openness to the feeling of forever and eternity that comes when being creative for example, including making love. Love Itself seems to invite us into the eternal timeless now and yet how can we manage to be loving in time?


First of all I have placed a link to a “Time Mastery Audio” above this post. The link to the audio leads to the Elprehzleinn subliminal audio page. While there are some great instantly downloadable full titles there now you can get – if you scroll down you will see there is also a lot more titles that have descriptions but not download links. I think the relevant title is “Time Mastery”. I credit that with being one of the many positive influences that supported and led to me creating a reality where for decades it seems to me that the vast expanse of time is a rich, resourceful ocean that I enjoy luxuriating in. At the same time as I have both the real experience that time is an illusion and the benefits of experiencing that AND the real experience of how to work with time very exquisitely down to the second.  I am an incredible time manager, and I feel amazingly free of time and free inside of and within time. And it’s still all a work in progress. My relationship with time mastery.


In order to get the Time Mastery audio here is the deal. Make a financial contribution of your choosing of any amount above $5 to support this Elprehzleinn mission and then use the contact form on this web site to write me a note that you did contribute and you do want the access link. I will then send you the access link to the entire subliminal audio library and you can download Time Mastery and anything else you like.


On this website there is a link in the main menu entitled, “Timing” I refer you there to one particular way of working with time that taps into the ancient ways of working with time that I still benefit from today. It might be of interest to you as well.


Most importantly I want to present my theory that time is an expression of the Great Spirit the Omnipresent Omniscient All that Is the Nameless One that is known by many names. Therefore having a relationship with time is having a direct relationship with the All That Is. Having a relationship with time where one feels enslaved and pressured by time is the same as giving up on the love that is and instead trading that in for concepts of being imprisoned and enslaved by time.


To choose to take back one’s power in relationship to the loss of it due to thinking that time is a master, and we are it’s slaves, I suggest considering that time is an expression of and therefore is Love Itself.  This time is a gift of Love Itself for us to enjoy  IT and working with IT and for is to discover as we enjoy  becoming more conscious of who we are, where we are, and what is really going on here in life in the illusion world.

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