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Since about the end of February this 2015 there has a been a lot of work to bring about the latest version of the Elprehzleinn websites and all that they provide. While the new website is certainly now complete after months of dedicated and blissful work something has emerged.

What emerged is somewhat of a manifestation of a dream that I have always had to provide the products and services in a financial manner that would require me to not rely on funds made through sales but rather through other means.

This is a large topic and I am not going to get into it here in this post. The reason I am writing is so that you know that now for the first time ever all the Elprehzleinn books, all our subliminal audios, and even the 2-3 month “tailor fit”  personal consulting program I offer can all be attained in a unique financial arrangement.

I have dealt with this matter extensively over the years and how it is now is that you can access all the books, and some of the top subliminal audios in our library without having to sign up, nor pay anything up front, nor ever be obligated to pay anything. The way it works is that if you can make a donation to support this mission, and or you feel that the books and our sites have or will or are helping you to have a better life, then please make a donation, although no person is required to do so, nor obligated to do so.

Furthermore, as of TODAY regarding the 2-3 month personal consulting program there is no set fee for that either. As with everything else I feel that the priority is to make the connection with people that feel they need that help and that program and to come to some arrangement about how to provide that for them. So when it comes to the 2-3 month personal consulting program I am offering to “make arrangements” on a personal basis with anybody that writes to me who is interested in taking the program.

People can write to me using the contact form on the website where this is posted you should see the link in the upper menu. There are quite a few other products and services such as the new Magical Mind Power video playlist that are also available in this same type of manner. Meaning no enforced sign up, and no obligation to make a payment before getting the products. This is about prioritizing that people have a barrier free access to the tools for improving their life that we offer here.

I noticed recently that the SHOP that we previously had in place was not functioning correctly. So we changed the entire donation button situation on the site. In case you previously tried to donate on the new site it should now work fine even though it did not before. This also applies to people that may have wanted the “Time Master” subliminal audio that was offered in the previous post.

I hope that some people who read this post will make a donation to support the new going forward of the new websites to reach more people and to help more people. In any case, now you know about this and I am pleased that things have arranged themselves this way together with divine love. I hope we can continue like this and that the sites and this mission and this service can grow beautifully for another 20 years.

Yours Truly,

JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn

“Above the Clouds” artwork used in this post was produced by: JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn

credits: Vue digital nature software from

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