This notice about the ELPREHZLEINN books is effective as of June 18, 2015:

For the first time ever all the Elprehzleinn digital books are now available directly from this the Elprehzleinn main home on the world wide web which is They are available below a copy of this notice on the page you get to if you CLICK HERE.


Currently no sign up is required even though we have a sign up that pops up when you come to the site you are not forced to sign up to get the full materials as you can bypass the sign-up and still get in, nor is any payment requested up front, though we do have a shopping cart on our site and if you want to make a donation before or after enjoying the books and the experiences they may help you to have in your life, then please do so. If you want my personal help using these and the other materials on the website, I do have a program for that in our shopping cart you can find that.





 artwork produced by JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn


My motivation for providing and sharing these books is not so that I can “sell” personal consulting packages. Which I don’t sell much of in any case at this time, and when I have in the past, it all goes back into the development and maintenance of this mission and so no profits are being made here. So far. As such. The reason I say that up front is because I want to distinguish myself and Elprehzleinn from what I perceive as the mainstream personal development value system.


Which for example seems to like to say up front in a formulaic manner, “hey look at me, I made millions of dollars. So can you”.


I don’t feel that way. That’s not my personal experience. Neither my own or any body else’s “success” using these or any other materials is nor should it be the same as somebody else. That way of presenting things doesn’t make sense to me.  This isn’t like that. Read our disclaimer, and please understand as best as you can. This is just different and I may change how it is being done in the future.


In the last few years our books were being offered exclusively on Amazon due to a contract we agreed to with them. Those years were helpful in reaching thousands of more people with the books and the experiences the books seem to help people have. I am happy about the time with Amazon. Now that relationship does not seem as productive in terms of getting the books out there. When I say productive I refer to people actually getting the materials rather than financial gains made from sales of the books. Most of the “sales” from the time on Amazon were during the four times a year when for five days they allowed me to offer the book for free. The rest of the time there were a few sales per month for money, but not much at all compared to the free sales.


During the free giveaway times the books often reached the top 100 status and even into the top ten status on all Amazon Free for their category and it re-assured me that the books are valued by people. Whether they pay for them or not. All of this only reinforced my “crazy dream” of not charging people money up front for these materials even though we might have according to some people the finest self-help books on the planet in terms of consolidating what to do and how to do it in a way that produces desired results.


My “crazy logic” is that if the books are really working that great for people then I should be able to use the same materials myself for me, and get excellent results and not need to “sell” the books. After a certain time of getting familiar with various models for sharing these materials it started to seem kind of incestuous to me to sell them and I wished for and imagined and invested in developing another way. What I mean by saying “incestuous” is that in order to advertise and promote and encourage people to read any personal development books it usually takes a marketing campaign that actually uses the very same kinds of “programming skills” that the books are teaching people how to do on themselves.

I could foresee spending too much time programming other people to buy the materials rather than helping people program themselves, and me programming me for my own personal success. I wanted people and myself to have means to just get going with the materials rather than wading through programming that was designed to produce emotional triggering to buy the programs. I could see that people were having to discern between the programming of the advertising and what programming they could actually do on themselves using the programs being sold. So I decided soon after trying it to see how it worked not to continue in that direction of programming people to buy, building a big list, and doing all of that. Even though during that time of trying it out I made a significant contribution to the personal development and online publishing industry and was there helping people and their businesses who have continued in that direction.

Rather I chose to focus on my own and helping others to each discover our own path of “success”. I chose before I even looked into selling anything (meaning I remember my original dreams about doing all this) to focus on solving our problems and manifesting our dreams using these tools and constantly developing better ways to use them and better tools and versions of these tools. My focus is always on the application of the materials and the sorting through the related materials and experiences of using them effectively. I have always been interested in how to make this stuff work really well, and interacting with people about how to actually put our personal development tools to use effectively, rather than in selling them. And I have always thought that selling them was sort of distorted.


Meaning as that it seems to me as I said to be a bit incestuous to make money from the very books of which the buyers of are mostly interested themselves in making money from reading those same books.



I have this joke,

“I know how we can get rich.”

I would tell a friend.

“You give me a hundred dollars and then I will give it back to you and we will keep doing that until we are both rich. We can make so much money that way.”


I definitely understand the ordinary logic around this topic and I definitely might sell the books at some point. However it seems to me that the only reason that the Elprehzleinn books and related materials and website came into being, helped so many people so far, and are available at all is due to a divine amazing grace that pervades these websites and made it possible for these books to exist in the first place. And one of the examples of that amazing grace is the years when it seemed like almost every day some body new was writing in to tell me the experiences of well being in their own life they were generating with the help of these books. I would never have continued to share these materials or develop them otherwise, I feel.





My way of doing things here with Elprehzleinn now has also been reinforced by my personal transformation and process of going through the extremely unusual and fantastically amazing and outrageously benevolent manner it seems to me in which these books and the Elprehzleinn materials came to be in the first place and what has happened since then.



So now, for the first time ever, and for the time being until further notice, ALL the books are available here on this page and no sign up is required, and these are not  starter /teaser materials in a “sales funnel”. These are the full materials and they link to other resources and materials that are offered from Elprehzleinn also with the same or similar terms, at this time. I reserve the right to change these terms but for now as I said this is an early sign of what may be the full blown manifestation of a “crazy dream” I have personally had for a long time. You may think that these book are to lead people into buying my personal consulting program but when you examine the nature of that program and understand that is not my business to do that, nor do I make enough “sales” to make it so. I do offer that program in the way that I do offer that program because sometimes people want or need my help that way. And it takes my time and energy and commitment in such a way that I prefer to charge money or engage some kind of exchange for doing that kind of intensive closely involved personal work.


Therefore, please know that all you need to do to access the full books is click on them below or on the links that say “read the book now”. This takes you to a format that is coming directly from our website and should be readable on any device or computer. This is also a format that you have my permission, and I have the permission as publisher to grant that permission regarding the Elprehzleinn books that are linked to on this page as follows:


You CAN share the link to this page and or share the direct links to any of the Elprehzleinn books linked to on this page as long as you don’t charge money for doing so.


You CAN copy and paste the entire content (not partial except for short quotes with credit back to this site) of the Elprehzleinn books linked to on this page and re-format and re-distribute it in any other format you like, meaning as an iBook, or as an Amazon book, or a PDF file or to print it out or whatever format you like. As long as you don’t charge anybody for that, and as long as the ENTIRE CONTENT is presented as is, except for changes you are free to make regarding the formatting.



You CAN do both of the above AND charge people money for the books, or even edit or change or partially use the content of the Elprehzleinn books, ONLY IF YOU HAVE WRITTEN PERMISSION FROM ME TO DO SO. Which I may or may not choose to grant depending on the situation and depending on how the overall situation develops here. My main goal is reaching people with these books and insuring that more and more people continue to have the experiences I keep hearing that people have when they have these books and the related materials.


  I understand that this means we are doing thing a little, maybe a lot differently that most places you might visit on the internet.  Please accept my apology if that makes our sites somewhat different to enjoy, to navigate, and to make use of. I think that for those that find our sites and materials appealing it can offer the advantage of ideas, and methods that can provide something you might not get anywhere else.




Elsewhere on this site there are at times recommended products and materials from other sites that offer personal development materials. These other companies have their own system for providing their materials. In some cases we use their “affiliate links” to share their materials with people who visit the Elprehzleinn  web sites. However to be honest, I don’t make hardly any “affiliate commissions” at all, and I am not seen  in the industry anymore though I once was, as a desirable affiliate partner because to be honest, in my opinion the value systems don’t match. And so it is, and it is however it is and all that may change in accordance with the policy that I do everything under the auspices of the divine being the all that is the omnipresent, omniscient, all knowing, all pervasive, great and grand, divine love, as such.


Some of the other people’s and their companies personal development stuff is great, so I like to share what I like to share here even if I make little or no affiliate commissions from doing so.  I feel happy and I feel  a sense of joy being in integrity with the original mission I set forth when I co-founded the Elprehzleinn non-profit corporation in 1997 which lasted for nine years. That mission being to help people basically. Of course it was spelled out in more detail then. I have plenty of clear dreams about working with massive amounts of money in ways that are beneficial to me and others. However since the time of the original Elprehzleinn non-profit corporation that ended I have carried that mission forward personally in my heart and by my own hand so to speak within the framework of my own goals and dreams that I have for my entire life in all areas all together and for “Elprehzleinn” specifically and from help and support from and with others, together with divine love.

Sincerely and Yours Truly,

with Love Itself,

JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn

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