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Now I am writing about motivation. I have had the opportunity  to work, study with, and visit with a variety of different professional motivation experts and it’s been a real interest for me. One of the things that has greatly caught my attention is the power of the subconscious mind as the commander of motivation. The subconscious mind seems to be an absolutely incredibly effective motivator. And yet it does not always do what I want it to do. And I often fight or complain or otherwise disagree with what it is having me do. And I can get confused, afraid, or otherwise “emotional” about how it is working with or not working with me. And there are thoughts that go with those emotions.




I want to propose that there are two kinds of motivation. One kind is made by choice, and the other kind is made by force. That force could be the invisible power of the programmed subconscious mind. However it got or gets programmed.




I honestly think and feel after all the studies and experiences that I have had so far that being motivated by love and peace and my own soul and spirit is not the same as “boot camp” motivation. It is a far different experience of intimacy and intricacy and complexity. To allow and receive Love Itself, and love and peace specifically in my own way and in my own life with soul and spirit to be the motivation I feel involves choice. And it may not even always involve “entrainment”.




Whereas motivation that is enforced by fear and “punishment or reward”  functions according to certain principles. I feel one of the principles of being motivated by love and peace is to choose and define what love and peace means to me. And then to keep choosing that as my motivation. I think that one of the best ways to choose love and peace in my life as motivation is to build a fabulous dream of what I imagine a life of love and peace is. And to work with that dream in meditation regularly and choose in that regard that this dream is how I want my life to be. Then leave the meditation and back in “regular life” know that dream is there, and examine the forces of motivation that are acting upon me. If they are fear forces, or punishment and reward forces, I try to consider if I can make a choice NOT TO be motivated like that anymore. This can involve a “real life” meditative steadiness while an emotional storm of “enforcement” and the thoughts and feelings that go with it is passing through various stages.



To stay steady with the choices of peace and love while allowing whatever is happening to be happening on the outside and on the inside.




I feel strongly that love and peace are the most powerful forces and can motivate more effectively than any other type of motivation if I keep choosing them. However love and peace have their own ways of doing things and getting things done and the words adventure, healing, patience, respect, knowing, giving, being in the present moment, appreciation, forgiveness, partnership, divine being, miracles, and many more come to mind.

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