I am having a hard look at the idea of being forced to believe something. Being “made to believe”. More and more that  I work with having accepted and allowed and chosen personally for me that it is “better to have no beliefs except for that belief and the belief that I have no beliefs” the more and more I am noticing how many ideas and concepts and ways of living that are “out there” in the world are being pushed “into my world”. And the more and more I notice in communicating and connecting with others how often it seems I am not really communicating with the person but rather with a set of programming related to a set of beliefs and values that the person did not necessarily choose consciously.


One example that I keep noticing is the concept in advertising and therefore in people’s minds about “scientific proof”. When I went to university what I took away was the understanding that science was about experimenting in a way that the experimenter would present their findings as evidence to a group of their peers through publication. And that those findings could be looked at, evaluated, shared. This seems like a healthy creative process.  And when the experimental report was written it was necessary to include a “conclusion” that the experimenter was formulating as their observation and opinion and interpretation of the evidence. And the report had to include the methodology by which the evidence was gathered.


How did that wonderful creative process ever turn into a world full of conclusions without evidence being presented, and those conclusions becoming “scientific proof”? Or “scientifically proven”? From what I understood and still understand today there is no such thing as scientific proof. It doesn’t exist. Except that it does exist as something that I feel advertisers have programmed people to “believe”. And to feel something about it. To feel re-assured for one thing. To feel re-assured about something that doesn’t exist to help you make the conclusion to buy what they are selling.

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