Violet Diamond artwork produced by: JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn

“Violet Diamond” artwork produced by: JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn

I have a lot of experience of imagining things and having them “come true”.  And yet I can honestly say that as big and wild and crazy as my many dreams are, I still work on giving myself permission to dream big, and dream wildly.



There are  three things that I want to mention about that.



1. I am thankful that Robyn shared the course with me that he had developed, when he was in that body in which I knew him. His course inspired me to know and experience how to “ground” wild dreaming. And it’s not by “taking action” as so many people advise. Trust me, when the dream is made strong and imagined it will MAKE YOU take action. In fact trying to control the power of your dream by forcing it into action may in fact misdirect you. The way to ground the wild dreaming  is  practicing forming the thoughts and feelings about “the life you have now” in the universe BEFORE going into the imagination world and the more real inner world of the dream “in your own universe”.



2. It’s so important to constantly draw the line in whatever ways it can be done between what is actually happening in my life right now, and what is my dream. Draw the line meaning keep those two worlds apart. I have said it before, I say it again…the dream dies when the dream comes true. They are two separate worlds. When the dream world using whatever technique is entered then there needs to be a way of discerning this is the dream. And then there can really be no limits. Because it is not in the universe. It is not in the illusion. In the more real inner world of imagination and desire is where there are no limits. Personally,  I do bring my limits into the inner world AND that is just something that happens as  I am learning to do this better. And then I remind myself that I don’t need to put those limits. Releasing those limits by stretching and allowing all that I desire to imagine actually changes me. But it’s a process. And so that is why I am mentioning this.


The inner meditation on the dream life that is wished for, meditated upon as if it has already come true, is a very purifying thing to do and the more the limits come off the more the power of the dream can show you how this all works as it does show up in the daily life in the universe of illusion we call real life. Dreaming wildly purifies the limits and changes things internally and in the other dimensions and then perhaps things can materialize or re-materialize in alignment with what is being imagined and desired and expected in the dream to be true. In fact if the dream is so wild and crazy that “it could never come true” that just might be a sign that it’s being done correctly:) There are so many things I imagined that I felt could never come true, impossible. No way. And yet I went ahead and imagined it and desired it anyways because that is how this works. And wow, those things did show up. And there are definitely some wild things I am still dreaming that “could never come true” and yet they already are true in my own universe. You see? I think that is how to actually do this. To push the limits, to release the limits.



3. I know I just said expected. So what about a wild dream that “could never come true”. I cannot tell you how many times I think, “that is just crazy, there is no way that can happen” when I get back into THE UNIVERSE that we think of as the real world after my meditation trip into the actual more real world of inner dreams and wishes in my own universe. Fine. It may even be a positive sign that the limits are being released when back in so-called everyday life one thinks that one’s dreams are totally no way that could ever happen. I feel that the EXPECTATION that the dream can come true, and is true is something that I am working on to determine where that actually belongs. In the universe, or in my own universe? And where goes the KNOWING that it will certainly come true? These are things I am still working out however I feel that the expectation is something that can be placed with the dream in the inner realms, and the knowing as well. As feelings that are part of the dream. Rather than coming back into the universe and feeling insane about expecting and knowing that incredible things imagined are coming true. So for example when I am inside my meditation about the life that I dream of as if it is already happening I can feel that I expect it to come true, that I expected it and it did come true, and I can know that this is my dream come true, and that this dream has come true in the universe. I can do that, in my own universe.  It’s a subtle shift to put the knowing and expectation inside and with the dream and I think this can greatly help to dream unlimited dreams without feeling when back in the universe like they are too wild and crazy.










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