What is the best “meditation music” that is available? What is my contribution to helping other people experience benefits using meditation music?  I have experience actually using this stuff, a lot.  I am also doing a lot of work in the area of combining visual imagery with meditation music. So far the two most notable works of  visual imagery for meditation  that I have designed are the SHREEM KLEEM BRZEE mantra video, and the Magical Mind Power video playlist on YouTube.


When it comes to audio only I have found that there are a few categories that meditation music fits into. Some of the following are affiliate links so if you click on any of them and later purchase something I would get an affiliate commission.


1. There are artists who have really made an effort to tap the full potential of meditation music and sound for improving meditation. While I have listed a number of these in the RECOMMENDED section of this website I feel the highest quality with the most effectiveness are OmHarmonics and the Triliminal audios in the Effortless Prosperity program, and SoundHealingCenter.com.


2. The second category is subliminal audios. The thing I like about subliminals is that I can just put them on in the background while I am doing something else and it is incredible how they work. The benefits just show up in very delightful and amazing ways, or so it seems to me. It’s very pleasing. However the work is to keep putting them on enough times while it seems like “nothing is happening” and you “can’t hear anything”. That is challenging. I have found that doing so is always effective and that keeps me motivated to do it more. I like the titles in our own subliminal audio library and use them the most. However as I mentioned earlier it can really be a lot of mindfulness to keep putting them on enough day after day.


3. 432hz, and Solfeggio.  A few years ago I was looking for music that would offer me more benefits and I found Solfeggio audios. I had a lot of mystical experiences that strongly affected my everyday practical reality just by FINDING them and finding out about them, let alone by spending the next few years listening to them A LOT. Starting with the solfeggio audios completely revolutionized my entire musical listening desires. I don’t even listen to “ordinary music” anymore. I think this is because of the profound effect the solfeggio frequencies have had on me. My favorite source for Solfeggio frequency based music is Attuned Vibrations.


4. Nature Sounds. My favorite is Ocean Wave and Rain recordings. There are so many that I can only tell you that my current favorite is the Words of Healing audio which has a rain storm included on the track.


5. Fugues, certain types of classical music.  I know that there are certain types of classical music that are great to enhance your brainwaves for studying for example. However I don’t know exactly what to recommend. I think that fugues are especially well constructed to create a harmonious organization inside of you.

6. Mantras. What can I say? Mantras defy definition. They are magical, mystical, fabulous. What I can say is regarding how to use them. You do not need to say them out loud. In fact it is my current opinion that doing them silently is stronger because it actually requires more mental focus to do internal mantras than external.


With mantras the challenge is like with the subliminals. A lot of repetition is usually required for the desired effect to happen. Although immediate benefits of using mantra can be more relaxation and mental calm and other benefits of meditation.

However in terms of just playing them on YouTube which has an abundance of mantras you can listen to, that is fabulous. There are a lot of mantras. I made myself aware of the several mantras that are said to be “the only mantra you need to chant” as they cover everything. That would be the Gayatri Mantra, and the Om Mani Padme Hum Mantra, and the Great Death Conquering Mantra aka the Mahamrityunjaya mantra. These and several others are more popular that major hit songs of all time, and they have amazing benefits.


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