I am happy to share a most amazing new version of the system I designed for consciously creating reality. For many years I have used the term magical mind power but this really taps it like never before I feel. Perhaps  because I spent the last 8 months or so intensely studying and working with the Sri Yantra.


 Maha Meru Sri Yantra

“Sri Yantra /Maha Meru” artwork produced by: JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn

I like this new version because it feels smooth and easy to use. You just play the video playlist and as each “area of life” comes up, you  think and feel, “in the universe” about your present reality for about 30 seconds, and then it moves on to the same area, “in my own universe” and you think and feel as if you already have your dream come true in this area. And you can go through all 12 areas of your life like that in about 18 minutes. It seems to me like a really powerful way of consciously creating your own reality. It should have so many benefits.


I also like that there is beautiful artwork I designed of the Sri Yantra throughout the entire playlist of videos. So the entire time you are being with the Sri Yantra sacred geometry formation. My studying about this ancient design and it’s benefits led me to understand that simply viewing it is extremely, in fact, supremely beneficial. So I think and feel that spending the time with the Sri Yantra while you are forming your thoughts and feelings about your life is infusing the Sri Yantra powers with your own magical mind powers to make something really uplifting and powerful happen for your life.


You can try it now the entire playlist and more detailed instructions how to use it is at this link, CLICK HERE.

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