The time it takes from when you first set a goal to when it comes true. As a consultant on the matter of getting spiritual intentions to materialize this has to be one of the most valuable concepts to help achieve success more easily.


 artwork produced by: JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn


Keeping in mind that being successful at using your thoughts to create intentionally is challenging AND rewarding.


So how can we meet this challenge? How long does it take to materialize from the moment we use a technique to form an intention, to visualize or otherwise set forth a goal? The answer is, “however long it takes”.


Using that idea, “however long it takes” can be fabulously helpful. Like that you can relax with all the thoughts and feelings and experiences that can nag at you or worse can destroy you vision and make you set down your intent before it happens the way you want it to.


How does mind power work (which is also feeling and love power and all power):


It works by forming the idea and holding it steady until it comes true. That is all there is to it.


So anything that happens in between is NOT to be considered an obstacle to your continued intending and refining of your purpose. Just keep with your purpose, however long it takes. This is how the magic can work.  I can share the process from initializing imagining, desiring and expecting something to materialize to the time when it does show up in material reality is an unbelievable mystical magical incredible thing. I recommend not trying to get too “scientific” about it other than to somehow keep track of what you set forth in the inner realms. Have a way of knowing when it comes true. So often I have taken people on this journey and then when they get what they asked for they already forgot they did. Because in the inner realm it’s like a dream. And when it comes true it’s like waking up from the dream. And you know you don’t always remember what you were dreaming.






“The time will come when that which is ordained for your particular future has arrived. And then you will know how what was foreseen exactly unfolded. If you can remember what was foreseen by the time it happens.”

JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn

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