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The procedure to pay by donation is that you click the button  below which takes you to my website where there is a paypal donate button featured. Go there from here, and choose that donate button to access the secure paypal donation feature. You don’t need paypal to make the donation you can use any credit card OR paypal from that form when you get there.

The entire donation feature is run by Paypal for safety and security, and the donation ultimately ends up in my paypal account where I can make use of the funds to support the continuation of this mission. That is how it works at this time as far as actually making the donation. Thank you. In terms of why I am doing it this way and how to determine how much to donate please take the time to read and listen to the audio below or to contact me in person. Love. Peace.

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This Goes to the Page Where You Can Make Your Contribution

At this time the main products and services offered by Elprehzleinn are offered on a pay by donation basis. What this means is that people can use the materials without being forced to sign-up, sign-in, nor make payment of any kind before using the products online. At the same time I definitely like and appreciate receiving donations. Thank you.

The reason I am doing it this way is because it is a manifestation of my true heart desire for how I wish to do it. I wish to make things available to all spiritual beings in their bodies in whatever circumstances they find themselves financially at this time. So each price is given and you can pay less or more depending on your choice and your own financial situation. All amounts I grateful receive. Thank-you. My perception and experience is that various people are in various financial situations at various times. The main purpose of the websites is to help the spiritual beings to have the most excellent life. The pay by donation system is supportive of that. So the sites reflect the priority on getting the materials to the beings in their various life circumstances, and your help with making some form of payment whatever you can do less or more is of great value and service to the mission as a whole. Also it is important that your choices include knowing that no financial donation is required to use the sites or the materials available which are the full materials.

For your part, in calculating the donation you can choose and are willing to give please use the valuation guidelines provided below and just adjust your donation according to your financial circumstances. I prefer that people make some kind of donation rather than no donation at all because they feel what they can contribute is not as much as they would like to.  I am happy to help you determine your contribution if you like, as it can be a healing process in itself that can help many people open the flow of abundance. For example, even if your donation is a fraction of the suggested donation, that is OK as long as that works for you at this time. Money brings up lots of issues for people, and this way of doing the money part is designed in part to help bring up those issues for clearing and healing and hopefully that results in improved financial situations no matter how much or how little how rich or how poor when you contribute.

Even the services in terms of private work with JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn are currently offered under the pay by donation system and that begins with a first step of contacting me using the contact form, which requires no payment, nor sign-up. So this is how it works. As always, I choose who I want to work with which is the same as I did when I charged a fixed price for personal consulting with me. Suggested amounts for our  main product and service categories are listed below to provide a guideline for the value of that which is offered. It is up to the individual person to determine, and we are happy to consult with you to help you make the determination, on how much of this amount that is suggested you can or wish to contribute depending on your financial life situation at this time. As I said previously, I prefer that people make a financial contribution rather than not, however the policy is definitely that no financial contribution nor forced “list-building” sign-up process is required for any person to FULLY use the Elprehzleinn sites and the full materials provided, or to contact me personally for help using the sites, the materials, or to discuss arranging personal consulting. It is my great pleasure to offer this sites in this way at this time and I reserve the right to change how I am doing this at any time just as I reserve the right not to respond to anybody that writes to me, though I usually do. Peace, Love, Fun, Joy. Well-Being. Always.

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Home Study Course

This refers to the Life Transformation System A-Z home study course found in our books section, along with the various online materials available such as the online ClearTalk practice movie, and the Interactive Electronic Workbook downloadable software for Windows.
Contribute $497 USD or any amount you choose -less or more

Million Dollar Mind Power

For people using the advanced module to Life Transformation System A-Z entitled, “Million Dollar Mind Power – 12 Week Teleseminar Series“.
Contribute $497 USD or any amount you choose - less or more

Personal Consulting Long Distance

This is regarding the 2-3 month personal consulting program that is done via long distance with JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn  using Skype, phone, social media, FaceTime, e-mail to communicate and work during this time.
Contribute $4997 USD or any amount you choose -less or more

Complete Access To Our Full Subliminal Audio Library

You can download or listen online  to any and or all of the approximately 75 titles in our Subliminal Audio Library
Contribute $297 USD or any amount you choose - less or more

In Person

This is regarding the 2-3 month program with JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn IN PERSON. Due to personal scheduling and various arrangements that need to be made we are able to do this in different ways when in person. The suggested donations are in order to give a structure and a value to what we can do. We fill in the details together in terms of coming up with a schedule and the final amounts on a per person basis whether more or less than what is suggested here. It is possible and may be practical at time to create together a program for the person interested that combines physically in person with long-distance consulting and the suggested financials would be adjusted accordingly.
Contribute $27,000.00 USD or any amount you choose - less or more

Living Pictures

You can download all the Living Pictures and use them on your computers and/or devices as you please Living Pictures
Contribute $97 USD or any amount you choose - less or more
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