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JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn July 2016

JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn, July 2016

Hi. The e-mail form above sends your note directly to me. This e-mail service works effectively so far however keep in mind that with all the spam filters and complexities of e-mail there is no guarantee your e-mail will make it to me, nor that my reply if I send one will get to you. I always try and reply so you know it got through. At the same time please consider using my social media links to connect with me as well. Peace and Love Always.



For people interested in working closely with me the personal consulting program  is outlined on this page click here. This contact form here on this page is for people that are inquiring about taking that program with me, or who have paid to take that program and are ready to start, or for people that want to contact me for any kind and considerate reason. Use my social media links below or use the e-mail form to contact me. Peace and Love All Ways. There is only love. Love is respect, caring, giving, courage, humility, responsibility, knowing. Be more loving, it’s the greatest magic of them all.

“It is traditionally said that Aquarius Jupiters bring luck to others…they will…bring luck into your life. Even though you may not realize it until later.”
– from Madalyn Aslan’s: “Jupiter Signs”


“JoreJj, In my lifetime of involvement with people who know and use the Law of Attraction, your approach is of a power and integrity that I’ve seldom seen, and the purity of your heart, the purity of your connection to the message is rare. I wanted to touch your world because of that.” L.M.

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You can also read more about JoreJj by reading “the Legendary Elprehzleinn Family Story” an evolving digital novel available online now, click here.

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